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Grunfeld intro pic

“Stretch 4″ Trades the Wizards Should Look In To

Now that the Washington Wizards have made their splash in free agency with the signing of Eric Maynor and the re-signing of Martell Webster and ...
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Wizards Draft Night

Draft Day Emotions From A Wizards Fan: In GIF Form

The months, the weeks, and the days of counting down to the NBA Draft are over. As I'm writing this Draft time is just over 10 hours away. And ...
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You see, what had happened was...

Two Possible Draft Trade Down Scenarios

The NBA Draft is exactly three weeks away and with no sure-fire superstars this year, the top of the draft still remains a mystery. Washington ...
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This man was born for this

The Heavyweight Champion Of Halloween Costumes

You might have a friend or a group of friends that year in and year out have outstanding Halloween costumes. Each year you probably tell said ...
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Don't Worry Guys...I Got You

A Draft Lottery Diary From A Wizards Fan….in GIF Form

  Last night the the Wizards fans experienced their most excitement since winning the 2010 Draft Lottery and the right to draft John ...
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Irene Pollin Wizards Lottery

Moving On Up: Wizards Land 3rd Overall Pick

Last night at approximately 8:47 PM the Washington Wizards finally had a break go their way. When Adam Silver announced that the Detroit P...
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Additional 2nd Round Prospects That The Wizards Should Keep an Eye On

The 2013 NBA Draft is creeping up on us and is only 41 days away. While the Wizards are still in the dark until May 21st as to where they will be ...
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Adam Silver

2nd Round Prospects That Should Be On The Wizards’ Radar

The 2013 NBA Draft is not until June 27th, and while we won't know for certain where the Wizards will be selecting in the first round until May ...
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NBA Playoffs 2013

NBA Playoffs: First Round Predictions

  With the 2012-2013 regular season in the rear view mirror, our Wizards watching days have come to a screeching halt for the summer ...
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What's next fellas?

With the Wizards Season Over, What’s Next?

The Washington Wizards wrapped up their 2012-2013 season last night with a defeat at the hands of the playoff bound Bulls. This marked the 6th ...
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Martell Webster Wizards Free Agency

The Wizards Should NOT Break the Bank for Martell Webster

With the NBA off-season approaching quickly, the Washington Wizards face some tough roster decisions. But the biggest decision in the eyes of ...
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Wizards and Thunder

Are the Wizards Becoming the Thunder of the East?

  The Oklahoma City Thunder have been tied to the Wizards all season long. It started in the off-season when Washington turned down a ...
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Wizards Falling in the Draft Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

What do you hope for when March rolls around and your favorite NBA team doesn't have a chance to make the playoffs? You hope that David ...
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Washington Wizards Future

Which Players Should Be A Part of the Wizards Organization Moving Forward?

With only 16 games to go until the off-season commences for the Washington Wizards and with the playoffs out of reach, it's only fitting to ...
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Ted Leonsis and John Wall

The Upcoming Off-Season Will Be Key for the Washington Wizards

After last night’s 95-90 loss at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers that saw the Wizards score 33 first quarter points and jump out to a 13 ...
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Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

The Wizards NEED Otto Porter Jr

  After last night’s 87-82 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, I couldn't help but start thinking about next season and what this ...
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John Wall and Bradley Beal

Who Is The Face Of The Wizards Franchise?

Wednesday Wizards Report When your favorite NBA team is 18-37 and hasn’t made the playoffs since the 2007-2008 season, one would think that ...
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Jordan Crawford Traded

Wizards Trade Deadline Recap: Ernie Grunfeld’d

The trade deadline has come and gone and yet again the Wizard’s fan base is left shaking their heads with disappointed. The Wizards made one ...
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John Wall Struggle

Wizards Look Ugly After Return From The All-Star Break

Wednesday Wizards Report   After a six game lay off the Wizards returned to action last night against the Toronto Raptors and man was ...
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Wizards Finally Get A Break (IMG Toni L. Sandys)

The Wiz Kids Heading Into The All-Star Break

  After a four game win streak from the Wizards against playoff teams, spirits were at a season high heading into the Pistons game last ...
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Derek Williams Zach Randolph Featured

Two Trades The Wizards Should Pursue

Wednesday Wizards Report Since last week the Wizards have stumbled a bit and went 1-3 over that stretch. All three losses were on our mini road ...
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Ravens vs 49ers Superbowl Predictions

Ray Lewis and the Ravens Look To Upset The 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII

 Ravens vs. 49ers Sunday - 2/3/13 6:30 PM   This Sunday at 6:30pm will kick off Super Bowl XLVII and it will be the first Super Bowl ...
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