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Darren Carter


The Miami Heat are the 2012-13 NBA Champions: What Have We Learned This Year?

  I know this is a regional sports blog, however I feel to be a legitimate sports news website you have to talk about a newly crown ...
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Past versus Present

Let’s Slow Down On The LeBron James, Michael Jordan Comparisons

Before we begin let me just point out that LeBron James himself, didn’t ask for this comparison.  It’s not his fault.  Some might say he ...
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Win or Go Home!

If the NBA Playoffs Started Today, Here Are Your Match-Ups

The NBA All-Star break is upon us and it’s a break for even us fans that go through the yearly rollercoaster ride that is fandom: from ...
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Who's the best player on the planet?

2012-13 NBA Mid-Season Performance Awards

The misconception about the "All-Star Break" is that it signifies the midway point of the NBA season.  In reality it is only the official, ...
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All Star 2013

9 NBA Guys Who Could Be Potential All-Star Snubs

2013 NBA All-Star Underdogs                   Giving my most unbiased opinion, the NBA All-Star weekend (including the game) is ...
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The Case for the Virginia Beach Kings

Kings to Virginia Beach: The “Largest” Small Market   There have been many talks about moving the current Sacramento Kings NBA franchise to ...
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Lebron James Flop

Top 10 Flopping Moments in Modern NBA History

  This year the NBA has incorporated a new rule against flopping. Overall, both the players and the league agree that flopping has “no ...
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Nintendo square

My Top 10 Sports Video Games of All Time

  I don’t know what children did before video games.  Oh that’s right, they went outside to play and actually had physical ...
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Miami Big 3

NBA Super Teams: Love Them, Hate Them

  I wonder if Danny Ainge, the Celtics General Manager, woke up the morning of June 28, 2007 and knew that he was going to change the ...
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"Shorten?!?!?.......not on my watch"

Why the NBA Needs to Shorten the Season

  The dog days of summer ends, fall begins. The weather noticeably gets colder, you find yourself putting on a jacket when you go ...
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