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John Byrnes

NFL Picks Week 5

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 5

John's Byrne'ing Hot Picks Because for some reason I picked against my beloved Redskins and the the Giants line wasn't at +2.5 when I picked ...
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NFL Week4

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 4

John’s Byrne’ing hot picks With the regular officials back from their lockout hopefully my picks will not be altered by poor officiating ...
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NFL Week 3 picks

NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 3

John’s Byrne’ing hot picks Nice turnaround from a dismal week 1, going 9-7 in week 2. Would have been 9-6-1 if the picks were made later in ...
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NFL Picks Against The Spread: Week 2

John’s Byrne’ing hot picks 7-9 against the spread is not the best way to start off the season and tough for any bet maker to swallow, then ...
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Week 1 NFL Picks

John's Byrne'ing hot picks   EDITOR'S NOTE: Each week in this segment, John Byrnes will be giving us his weekly NFL picks against the ...
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Chris Cooley Skins

Chris Cooley: Redskins Great

 Redskins Waive Chris Cooley Today     Over the past 8 years, Chris Cooley has been one of DC’s favorite athletes. Whether it was ...
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Jordan Zimmermann Nationals

Jordan Zimmermann – Bad Luck Loser

  With the Nationals loss on Sunday, the story of Jordan Zimmermann’s short career repeats itself again.  After 7 innings and only ...
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Drew Storen

Drew Storen vs. Tyler Clippard

  The Nationals have tons of “what if” scenarios because of so many key players going on the DL, as well as the emergence of young ...
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barkley USA

Top 10 Things We Learned From NBA TV’s “The Dream Team”

  "Everybody in the world has an ego. The only difference between us is we have a reason to have an ego." -Charles Barkley   ...
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Lebron The Decision

10 Reasons To Still Criticize Lebron James

Just because Lebron finally won his first ring, doesn't mean he will be exempt from criticism. Sure he silenced many of his detractors, but for ...
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tweet pic

Top 10 – DC Athletes to Follow on Twitter

Follow These DC Athletes   @speedybanks16      Brandon Banks •    Famous for tweeting “rise and grind” everyday as well ...
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Chris Cooley and Fred Davis

Cooley vs. Davis

The Cooley vs. Davis Debate   With the Redskins dealing with cap penalties for the next two seasons, we take a look at the pros and cons ...
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Stephen Lombardozzi Jr

Lombardozzi Jr.

Player Profile: Stephen Lombardozzi Jr.   With aspirations of being a Major Leaguer and a father who played pro ball, the expectations for ...
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