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Ken Morris


Nationals Trade Henry Rodriguez to Cubs for Minor Leaguer Ian Dickson

I can’t really say I am sad to see Henry Rodriguez traded from the Nationals. But I can’t say I’m happy either. It’s not everyday ...
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Bryce Harper Going To See Dr. Andrews

Bryce Harper has been put on the 15-day disable list for knee bursitis. Harper was doing some light jogging in the pool and the knee still kept ...
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Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

Could Don Mattingly Be The Next Skipper of the Nationals?

At this point in the season I don’t think anyone of importance is worried about who will be the Washington Nationals manager in 2014. But as a ...
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Rendon’s Hot-Streak Might Force Roster Moves

Anthony Rendon made a start at second base for the Harrisonburg Senators on Monday night. Could this be a direct reflection to the struggling ...
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Steve McCatty Nats

Nationals Coach Was In Playgirl, So Naturally The Players Make T-Shirts To Honor Him

Well, this is something that I never thought I would be writing about: Photographic evidence that your coach posed for Playgirl in the 80’s. ...
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Strasburg Hits a Career Milestone As He Throws 8 Innings

Stephen Strasburg hit a career milestone last night against the San Diego Padres. For the first time in his career, he pitched into the 8th ...
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Tiger Woods Takes Another Bad Drop

I’m not one that likes the thought of fans being able to call penalties on players from their televisions at home. And with the recent news at ...
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Bryce Harper Leaves Game After Collision With Wall, Receives 11 Stitches

Bryce Harper left in the fifth inning of Monday night’s game after a spine-tingling collision with Dodger Stadiums right field wall. AJ ...
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What Would Crash Davis Say About Bryce Harper’s Toenail?

I know I’m a little late to the game here talking about Bryce Harper and his ingrown toenail. Honestly, I wasn’t going to say anything about ...
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Bryce Harper: A Modern Day Classic

Much has been said about Bryce Harper in the beginning of what looks to be a historic career in the making.  In the first 9 games he played, MLB ...
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Time to worry about Strasburg?

Is It Time To Worry About Stephen Strasburg?

Error Unravels Strasburg I have been waiting to write this article, because even I am still confused with what happened. On Saturday against ...
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Werth Hamstring Issue Possibly Due to Stomach Virus

Jayson Werth went to get a MRI this Thursday, and the initial evaluation is the MRI is clean. So what is causing the hamstring tightness in ...
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New York Mets v Washington Nationals

National’s Fans Win As Ticket Policy Is Overturned

After Tuesday's night game was rained out, the Washington Nationals said that fans could only use their tickets at the Thursday make up game, ...
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Vijay Singh Suing the PGA

This week Vijay Singh announced that he was suing the PGA Tour claiming that they damaged his reputation after not doing a good enough job ...
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Davey Johnson Nats

Davey Johnson for MLB Commissioner

I have nothing but respect for Davey Johnson. He has been a class act for his entire career, both playing and coaching. He is a man for the ...
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TPC Sawgrass 17th

5 Golfers to Watch in The PLAYERS Championship at Sawgrass

The PGA Tour heads to Ponte Vedra, Florida this weekend for THE PLAYERS Championship at Sawgrass. The Pete Dye course -- most famous for it's ...
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Chase Utley Washington Nationals

Could the Nationals Pursue a Trade for Chase Utley?

I had written an article not too long ago about the Nationals moving Zimmerman to first base and bringing Rendon up to play third base. Many ...
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Bryce Harper Ejected

Was Bryce Harper’s Ejection Justified?

We all know that Bryce Harper can be a hot head at times. Do we need to bring up the fact that he slammed a bat into a wall and hit himself in ...
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Davey Johnson Batting Practice

Closed-door Meetings and Double-Steals Lead to Victory for Nats

Davey Johnson is not known for being much of a speech man. But before the game on Saturday evening Johnson did just that. After the 3-1 loss to ...
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Andrew Mccutchen vs Nationals

Andrew McCutchen Dominates the Nationals

Many players become comfortable playing against teams and pitchers they see all them time. But I have never seen a hitter dominate teams ...
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Anthony Rendon back to minors

Anthony Rendon Heads Back to the Minors

Could Some Fielding Changes Be Coming? It must have been a bitter sweet feeling for Anthony Rendon after having his best night at the plate, ...
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Blair Oneal 1

Best of the Best: Top 10 Hottest Female Golfers

  After reading this list of the top 10 sexiest female golfers, I think you might turn on the LPGA Tour a bit more often. You will ...
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