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Trevor Morton


Top 10 Sports Theme Songs

When preparing a theme song for a sport (or person) you have to make something that fits the mold of that sport (or person). It might sound ...
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Redskins Draft Grades 2013

Handing Out Grades For The Redskins Draft Picks

I really don't like doing draft grades this early but I think this draft class for the Washington Redskins is pretty special, so I ...
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"We still got work to do"

Redskins Still Have Some Options In Free Agency

 Skins are Ballin on a Budget With the Redskins salary cap situation hindering the team from making a dramatic signing in free agency, it’s ...
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NFL Draft 2013 Redskins

Draft Targets For The Washington Redskins 2013 Selections

  One of the most exciting times in professional football is finally here, the NFL combine. I know a lot of people don't put too much ...
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Redskins Free Agency Dan Snyder

10 Free Agents The Redskins Should Go After

Skins Could Strike Gold In Free Agency This Year Image via Mister Irrelevant   After the year that the Washington Redskins had in the 2012 ...
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Capitals vs Lightning

5 Keys For a Capitals Victory On Opening Night

    Yes! It's finally time to "Rock the Red" once again, and after a long (and stupid) lock out the NHL is back. The Washington Capitals ...
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Alfred Morris and Robert Griffin III will need to do damage early and often

5 Keys for a Home Playoff Victory for the Washington Redskins

  The Washington Redskins have made it to the Playoffs for the first time since 2007, and are hosting a playoff game for the first time ...
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Will the Redskins get into the playoffs? [shirt available at]

Redskins Can Make Some Noise If They Can Get to the Playoffs

Will the Redskins sneak into the playoffs?    [shirt available at Sneekis Tees]   The Redskins could very well make the playoffs this ...
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Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson

Nationals off-season to be a busy one

  The Washington Nationals early exit in the playoffs left a lot of questions on the table to be discussed for the upcoming season. ...
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Redskins Flag

Waiving the White Flag for the Redskins Season?

After 24 hours I have had time to process the first half of our season…I said I wasn’t going to do this but I think it needs to be brought to ...
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NFC East

Spinning Around The League: NFC East

5 NFL Questions including the NFC East, among others     1.    Can the Washington Redskins ride the victory wave into their ...
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DC Sports

Being a DC Sports Fan is Fun Again

  Seems like forever since we have had a lot to talk about around these parts, but now it's not so bad to be a D.C. sports fan anymor...
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NHL Lockout

NHL Lockout Could Hurt the Capitals the Most

  Lockouts are never fun, especially when you are bringing in a new coach and new young talent to your roster. Not only do the teams ...
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Alfred Morris Redskins

Alfred Morris Brings New Toughness to the Redskins RB Core

Morris looks to build on strong week 1 performance   The Washington Redskins selected running back Alfred Morris in the 6th round of ...
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Bald Ovechkin

My Top DC Sports Personalities — Past and Present

With Clinton Portis recently retiring, I remembered all the funny personalities he would take on, making it fun to be a Redskins player and fan ...
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Evan Royster Redskins

New Look Redskins: Youth Is Served

Keep your eye on these young guys     With two preseason games under the Washington Redskins belt, there has been some bright spots and ...
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Skins Camp

Redskins Camp Battles & Predictions

  With the preseason starting tonight, the Washington Redskins have a lot of intriguing battles going on within the organization. We ...
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Mike Ribeiro

Mike Ribeiro Brings A New Level Of Excitement To The Capitals

Mike Ribeiro If your not excited for Mike Ribeiro to join the Capitals, hopefully this small article will change your mind about watching him ...
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Ryan Kerrigan Redskins

Washington Redskins Breakout Candidates

 6 Potential Breakout Players   With the Redskins training camp coming up on July 26th, the question some fans have been asking is “who ...
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NHL Draft

Capitals Draft Outlook

Top 5 Caps Prospects   It’s NHL draft time and the stage is set for the Washington Capitals to start building for the 2012-2013 ...
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Caps Evgeny Kuznetsov

Two More Years: The Evgeny Kuznetsov Story

Evgeny Kuznetsov   With the 2012 NHL draft coming up on June 22nd and 23rd, the memory of one particular draft stuck out in my head ...
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Capitals Off-season Plans

What are the Capitals off-season plans? The Washington Capitals went into the Stanley Cup playoffs as a seventh seeded team in the Eastern ...
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