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Trevor Jackson

John Wall Liam Neeson

John Wall Appears in a ‘Taken’ Commercial with Liam Neeson

I feel like he should have given the Knicks the warning call. The Washington Wizards landed a Christmas day game this year and will face the ...
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John Wall Hug

Wizards Playoff Tribute Video Is Pretty Emotional

Photo via @recordsANDradio The Washington Wizards have clinched the playoffs for the first time since the 2008 season. It's been a long time ...
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One of these guys is still around with the Redskins

Jim Haslett Still Has A Job….Somehow

Jim Haslett as Redskins Defensive Coordinator by the Numbers By now you've heard the news that the Redskins have hired former Bengals Offens...
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NFL Fantasy Football

America’s Game: Where Fantasy (Football) Meets Reality

GUEST POST by Julia Randall: Julia Randall learned how to call a turkey so she could brag about it at parties. When it isn’t baseball season, ...
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My Wish Robert Griffin Lateef Brock

Redskins and Robert Griffin III Grant a Wish for Local Kid

With all the criticisms, critiques, and scrutiny that has come with any action or word Robert Griffin III has done or said this off-season, ...
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30 Second Trailer for ESPN Documentary – RGIII: The Will To Win

Earlier today we posted a promo video of Washington Redskins' QB Robert Griffin III beatboxing over some of his highlights. The promo was for ...
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Robert Griffin Beatbox Video

Video of Robert Griffin III Beatboxing to Highlights

This video clip of Robert Griffin III beat boxing is pretty excellent. Do yourself a favor and check it out: The above clip, according ...
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Burgundy And Gold Nats

Represent the Redskins and the Nationals With One Shirt

Are you a big time fan of DC Sports? Do you rep the Washington Nationals and the Redskins? Now you can show your support for both DC teams ...
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"With the 3rd pick in the draft, the Wizards select Otto Porter Jr."

Wizards Select Otto Porter Jr. 3rd Overall (PHOTOS)

The debate between the Washington Wizards selecting Otto Porter Jr or Anthony Bennett was quickly resolved as the Cleveland Cavaliers selected ...
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2013 NBA Draft - Lottery Mock

2013 NBA Draft – Lottery Mock

You guys know the drill. This is a lottery mock draft for the first 14 picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. If I nail it, I will make sure to always ...
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Otto Porter Wizards Fit

The 5 Best Fits for the Washington Wizards in the 2013 Draft

We are now at 2 days and counting until the 2013 NBA draft goes down. While the anticipation builds and the rumors continue to fly, there ...
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Jack Black and John Wall

John Wall In A Movie With Jack Black?

  Is the Washington Wizards point guard John Wall the next big movie star? Obviously the answer to that question is no, but accord...
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Wiz ft

Wizards Front Office as Dr. Evil, Mini Me, and Number 2

A world without Photoshop is a world that I do NOT want to live in. Luckily this is America, and Photoshopping is quite relevant. For most ...
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Tiger Woods New Ad

New Tiger Woods Ad is Pretty Sweet

Just in time for the US Open -- which starts this Thursday, June 13th -- Tiger Woods and Nike have released a new ad. The ad is for the new TW ...
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Spurs vs Heat NBA Finals

NBA Playoffs: Finals Predictions

  Since none of the Blog So Hard team picked the correct finals match-up in our playoff predictions, it's time to take another swing at ...
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Robert Griffin Registry Gifts

Robert Griffin III Sends Signed Thank You Notes To Fans Who Sent Wedding Gifts

When it became public knowledge that Robert Griffin III was getting married and he had an open registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Redskins ...
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Otto Porter and Anthony Bennett Wizards 2

Who Should The Wizards Draft With The 3rd Pick? [POLL]

If you haven't heard by now, the Washington Wizards found some luck during the NBA Draft Lottery last night. With a few lucky draws of the ping ...
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Wizards NBA Draft Lottery

Explaining the NBA Draft Lottery for Wizards Scenarios

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, Draft Lottery Day has become a staple for the Washington Wizards and is something ...
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Sneekis FT

New Redskins Gear From Sneeki’s Tees

Training camp is on the horizon Redskins fans and it's time to get laced up in the latest and greatest Skins gear! The guys over at Sneeki's ...
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Beltway Feature Image

Really Awesome Painting of Adam Jones and Bryce Harper

Are you looking for a spectacular new piece of art for your home collection or your man cave? Well you are in luck, because the guys over at ...
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Dan Snyder Redskins Name Change

Dan Snyder: “We will NEVER change the name of the team”

According to a report from USA Today, Redskins owner Dan Snyder -- who doesn't do a lot of media interviews -- spoke to USA Today on Tuesday ...
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Ovechkin GIF

Someone Unplugged Alex Ovechkin’s Controller (GIF)

Washington Capitals fans surely can't be happy with Alex Ovechkin's hustle on the play pictured above where the Rangers scored a goal. For ...
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