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Wizards Derek Favors

Looking Ahead to the Restricted Free Agent Class of 2014

After adding Otto Porter to the roster in last week's NBA draft, the Washington Wizards took another step back towards respectability. ...
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Wizards trade for high scoring Glen Rice Jr.

What the Wizards Get With 2nd Round Pick Glen Rice Jr.

As we all know, the Washington Wizards drafted the projected all-around small forward from Georgetown, Otto Porter last night. Heading ...
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"With the 3rd pick in the draft, the Wizards select Otto Porter Jr."

Wizards Select Otto Porter Jr. 3rd Overall (PHOTOS)

The debate between the Washington Wizards selecting Otto Porter Jr or Anthony Bennett was quickly resolved as the Cleveland Cavaliers selected ...
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Wizards Draft Night

Draft Day Emotions From A Wizards Fan: In GIF Form

The months, the weeks, and the days of counting down to the NBA Draft are over. As I'm writing this Draft time is just over 10 hours away. And ...
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2013 NBA Draft - Lottery Mock

2013 NBA Draft – Lottery Mock

You guys know the drill. This is a lottery mock draft for the first 14 picks in the 2013 NBA Draft. If I nail it, I will make sure to always ...
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Otto Porter Wizards Fit

The 5 Best Fits for the Washington Wizards in the 2013 Draft

We are now at 2 days and counting until the 2013 NBA draft goes down. While the anticipation builds and the rumors continue to fly, there ...
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Jan Vesely Wizards

Where Ernie Grunfeld Went Wrong in the 2011 and 2012 Off-Seasons

When the Washington Wizards entered the 2011 off-season, they had a chance to clear a lot of cap space and build a team around John Wall that ...
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Jack Black and John Wall

John Wall In A Movie With Jack Black?

  Is the Washington Wizards point guard John Wall the next big movie star? Obviously the answer to that question is no, but accord...
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Wizards Otto Porter or Anthony Bennett

Washington Wizards Draft Analysis: Otto Porter or Anthony Bennett?

Once again, the Washington Wizards found themselves in the NBA Draft Lottery. Last year, the Wizards had the opportunity to draft Florida ...
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Wiz ft

Wizards Front Office as Dr. Evil, Mini Me, and Number 2

A world without Photoshop is a world that I do NOT want to live in. Luckily this is America, and Photoshopping is quite relevant. For most ...
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Ersan Ilyasova to Wizards Rumor

Will Ernie Grunfeld Make the Mistake of Trading Away Another Top 5 Draft Pick?

Rumors are swirling around the NBA draft right now regarding trades.  Sam Amico of FOX Sports says the Washington Wizards and Milwaukee Bucks ...
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You see, what had happened was...

Two Possible Draft Trade Down Scenarios

The NBA Draft is exactly three weeks away and with no sure-fire superstars this year, the top of the draft still remains a mystery. Washington ...
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Otto Porter and Anthony Bennett Wizards 2

Who Should The Wizards Draft With The 3rd Pick? [POLL]

If you haven't heard by now, the Washington Wizards found some luck during the NBA Draft Lottery last night. With a few lucky draws of the ping ...
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Don't Worry Guys...I Got You

A Draft Lottery Diary From A Wizards Fan….in GIF Form

  Last night the the Wizards fans experienced their most excitement since winning the 2010 Draft Lottery and the right to draft John ...
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Irene Pollin Wizards Lottery

Moving On Up: Wizards Land 3rd Overall Pick

Last night at approximately 8:47 PM the Washington Wizards finally had a break go their way. When Adam Silver announced that the Detroit P...
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Anthony Bennett to Wizards

Is Anthony Bennett A Good Fit For The Wizards?

Anthony Bennett is a 6'7 240 pound forward prospect in the 2013 NBA draft. He has huge hands, wide shoulders and an enormous 7'1"wingspan which ...
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Wizards NBA Draft Lottery

Explaining the NBA Draft Lottery for Wizards Scenarios

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, Draft Lottery Day has become a staple for the Washington Wizards and is something ...
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Additional 2nd Round Prospects That The Wizards Should Keep an Eye On

The 2013 NBA Draft is creeping up on us and is only 41 days away. While the Wizards are still in the dark until May 21st as to where they will be ...
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Irene Pollin and her lucky yellow blaser won the John Wall sweepstakes

The Face of A Franchise: Who ELSE Should Represent the Wizards in the Draft Lottery?

On Sunday, Ben Standig of Comcast Sportsnet-Washington wrote an article on who the Wizards should send to stand in for the franchise for the ...
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Beal Featured

Congratulations to Bradley Beal for Being Named to NBA All-Rookie Team

When the Washington Wizards selected Bradley Beal, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Florida  with the 3rd overall pick of the 2012 NBA Draft, ...
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Adam Silver

2nd Round Prospects That Should Be On The Wizards’ Radar

The 2013 NBA Draft is not until June 27th, and while we won't know for certain where the Wizards will be selecting in the first round until May ...
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Ernie Fishing

Will Ernie Go Fishing in the European Pond…Again?

The Washington Wizards had a successful second half of the season minus Bradley Beal's injuries which eventually shut him down for the season. ...
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