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Shabazz Muhammad Wizards

Shabazz Muhammad: The Perfect Fit For The Washington Wizards

Shabazz Muhammad is the perfect fit for the Washington Wizards roster, just as we believed he would be last winter. The Wizards and Muhammad...
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How would DC fans feel about Dwight Howard in a Wizards jersey?

Can The Wizards Sign & Trade for Dwight Howard?

I had a crazy thought this morning. I must have been a dream or something.  And more than likely, it would only be a dream scenario. An...
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Ernie Grunfeld Jan Vesely

Ernie Grunfeld And His Euros

Many NBA teams have taken advantage of non-US players when it comes to finding talent. The Washington Wizards are not one of those teams. ...
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Wizards Playoffs

Do We Really Want The Wizards In The Playoffs?

Have you ever seen one of those nature documentaries on Animal Planet or National Geographic where the hawk swoops down and grabs a fish for ...
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What's next fellas?

With the Wizards Season Over, What’s Next?

The Washington Wizards wrapped up their 2012-2013 season last night with a defeat at the hands of the playoff bound Bulls. This marked the 6th ...
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Michael Jordan Wizards Goodbye

MJ’s Last Flight at MCI: A Decade After Mr. Jordan Goes To Washington

Our sports heroes never stay great forever. In the constant heavyweight bout between The Athlete and Father Time, Father Time has maintained a ...
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Four of these guys leave more questions than answers.

The Wizards Future Is Cloudier Than It Should Be

Earlier today, my colleague Adam Banig wrote a piece about how he was optimistic about the Wizards future, and in particular with the younger ...
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John Wall and Bradley Beal

With the Wizards Season Winding Down, There is Reason for Optimism

The 2012-2013 season has been a trying season for the youth of the Washington Wizards, but it is just a rough patch in their growth. Throughout ...
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(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Dear Emeka Okafor, Thank You For Lighting A Fire Under John Wall

Remember late February? Yeah, well I barely do either. This was When Wall was in one of the worst slumps of his young career. Remember Wall ...
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Martell Webster Wizards Free Agency

The Wizards Should NOT Break the Bank for Martell Webster

With the NBA off-season approaching quickly, the Washington Wizards face some tough roster decisions. But the biggest decision in the eyes of ...
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Wizards and Thunder

Are the Wizards Becoming the Thunder of the East?

  The Oklahoma City Thunder have been tied to the Wizards all season long. It started in the off-season when Washington turned down a ...
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John Wall Career High

If You Missed John Wall’s Career High 47 Points, Here is Every Bucket (VIDEO)

After being ejected for two technical fouls the game before, the Wizards' John Wall came back with a vengeance in route to a career high 47 ...
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Wizards Draft Choices

The Wizards Need To Find A Third Amigo In The Draft

The 2013 off-season for the Washington Wizards is going to be just as important as the 2012 off-season was for the Washington Redskins. Ted ...
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Wizards Falling in the Draft Could Be A Blessing In Disguise

What do you hope for when March rolls around and your favorite NBA team doesn't have a chance to make the playoffs? You hope that David ...
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Washington Wizards Future

Which Players Should Be A Part of the Wizards Organization Moving Forward?

With only 16 games to go until the off-season commences for the Washington Wizards and with the playoffs out of reach, it's only fitting to ...
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John Wall has been playing some inspired basketball lately

Dimes for Dimes: John Wall and the Contract Game

Ever since the 2010 NBA Draft, the Wizards have been for the most part, blessed by the presence of a Johnathan Hildred Wall Jr. on their team. ...
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Do you smell what the Wall is cooking?

John Wall And The Wizards Are On A Tear!

The Washington Wizards certainly miss Bradley Beal's versatility and consistent outside shooting, but it's become clear to me over the last ...
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(AP Photo/Jim Prisching)

More Playing Time Is Needed For Trevor Booker

This has certainly not been the season that all of us fans, the organization, and especially Trevor Booker thought he would have.  Wednesday ...
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Larry Sanders Thumbs Up

Wizards vs Bucks: Larry Sanders Ejection Reaction is Priceless (GIF)

During the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Washington Wizards game Wednesday night, Bucks' center Larry Sanders was ejected from the game as he picked up ...
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Ted Leonsis and John Wall

The Upcoming Off-Season Will Be Key for the Washington Wizards

After last night’s 95-90 loss at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers that saw the Wizards score 33 first quarter points and jump out to a 13 ...
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Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report

The Wizards NEED Otto Porter Jr

  After last night’s 87-82 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves, I couldn't help but start thinking about next season and what this ...
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Trevor Ariza Fake Game Winner

Wizards Broadcaster Calls “Dagger” On Air Ball In Narrow Loss (VIDEO)

Trailing by one point and in bounding the ball with 12.3 seconds Tuesday night, the Washington Wizards had a chance to complete a comeback and ...
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