This man was born for this

This man was born for this

You might have a friend or a group of friends that year in and year out have outstanding Halloween costumes. Each year you probably tell said person, “That is the best costume I have ever seen dude.” But after reading this article, you will stand corrected.

People talk about the “It” factor in sports all the time. But once in a generation a man is born that has the “It” factor when it comes to Halloween costumes. What is the “It” factor when talking about costuming you ask? It’s the ability to pull off the most hilarious of costumes and play the role as if you were that character. Everybody in the room instantly knows who you’re dressed as and can’t help but gravitate toward you. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the King Of Halloween, Kenny Grammick. (@kgrammick28)



Dwight Schrute, The Office

Let me just start you with this. If NBC wanted to continue the office and Rainn Wilson didn’t want to sign back on, I think we know who his replacement would be.


The Kenny Dwight



Joe Gibbs, Former Washington Redskins Coach

No this isn’t a picture from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. This is actually Kenny Grammick…

The Kenny Joe Gibbs



┬áMac (Fat Mac), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

What’s Up Bitches? If Mac needs to take a season off to slim back down, enter the Ken Dog as his replacement…


The Kenny Fat Mac



Ron Swanson, Parks and Rec

Kenny also hates salads, loves a good piece of grilled meat, and could slam a plate full of bacon in a matter of seconds. So I mean why not….


The Kenny Ron Swanson




Kenny Powers, EastBound and Down

Kenny claims he can throw a baseball fast as f*ck and he has a best friend named Stevie. He also played Kenny Powers’ stunt devil when down in Mexcio….

The Kenny Kenny Powers

The Kenny Kenny Powers 2


Rod Farva, Super Troopers

And of course the best for last. They need his assistance. They need him out there….

The Kenny Rod Farva


Kenny, this one was for you my man. You are the Heavyweight Champion of Halloween!! Our hat goes off to you sir.


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