I’m not one that likes the thought of fans being able to call penalties on players from their televisions at home. And with the recent news at The Masters, on Tiger Woods illegal drop, this is just going to make everything worse. But after last week’s TPC Sawgrass and another Tiger Woods controversial drop, the tour needs to do something.

If the best player in the world doesn’t even know the rules maybe we need to have all the players attend a meeting with the rules committee so they can teach them. This may be extreme but we need to get this under control. In all major and top tier tournaments it would not be crazy to have rules official with every group. This way all questionable rules issues can be looked at right away and the controversy can be squashed right then.

The tour issued this statement on the matter:

“Without definitive evidence, the point where Woods’ ball last crossed the lateral water hazard is determined through best judgments by Woods and his fellow competitor. If that point later proves to be a wrong point (through television or other means), the player is not penalized by Rule 26-1 given the fact that a competitor would risk incurring a penalty every time he makes an honest judgment as to the point where his ball last crosses a water-hazard margin and that judgment subsequently proves incorrect (Decision 26-1/17).”

Video showing why the drop is questionable:

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