2012 MLB Home Run Derby


Ahhhh it is finally that time again. The time where Major League Baseball’s biggest sluggers take a glorified batting practice session in front of tens of thousands of people. The Home Run Derby is a staple of the MLB All-Star game and to be bluntly honest — its pretty freaking awesome for so many reasons.

1. There is always that chance that at least one person will not hit a home run at all…. which is always funny. Unlike the NBA slam dunk contest, most of us sitting at home actually think we can do this. Quick story: When I was 12, I was in a home run contest. I hit just 6 out in the first round. Went zero for the second round. It sucks. So when a player goes 10 up 10 down its hilarious to us and pretty much makes him want to go hide in a hole.

 2. The derby provides moments we won’t forget. Josh Hamilton at Yankee Stadium, Ken Griffey hitting the warehouse in Baltimore, or Big Mac at Fenway hitting almost every car in the parking lot.

 3. Every stadium has something that makes you think “Wow what if some one hit that?” Well in the Home Run Derby it actually happens. Kansas City is one of the sweetest stadiums in the big leagues and I can not wait to watch these monsters hit balls into the fountains.

Those are just a few reasons why the Home Run Derby is fun to watch. However there is one bad reason, Chris Berman. After the first batter you hope he falls BACK BACK BACK out of the press box. Someone from ESPN please stop the madness! I would rather listen to Doris Burke call The Derby than him.



This years home run derby is a nice mix of names we have heard of and names we have not:


Robinson Cano, Yankees (captain); Mark Trumbo, Angels; Prince Fielder, Tigers; Jose Bautista, Blue Jays.

Cano has the best left-handed swing in the big leagues, Trumbo might hit it out of the stadium, Prince Fielder has already won a home run derby (which won me a case of beer in a bet…thanks Prince), and Jose Bautista has hit about 7,526 home runs in the last 3 years give or take.



Matt Kemp, Dodgers (captain); Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies; Carlos Beltran, Cardinals; Andrew McCutchen*, Pirates.

Matt Kemp is the human definition of beast mode, Carlos Gonzalez just has a name that says ‘I drop absolute bombs’, Carlos Beltran is about 64 years old but still doing big things, and Andrew McCutchen is baseballs next big thing.


My Prediction – Prince Fielder

Wild Card – Carlos Gonzalez


No matter who ends up winning this thing its going to be fun to watch.


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