Dear Washington Nationals Fan Base,

Let me start off by saying that I am not a part of Nats Nation nor do I have an ounce of Natitude running through my veins. Some may go as far as to call me a Nats hater. Personally, I don’t view myself as a hater of the Nationals, I fully understand the team has a lot of talent and that they have had a nice season. My issue comes with you, the fans. While some of you have very good baseball minds, the general population of the fan base does not. Being a new group for the most part who have only liked the sport of baseball since the All-Star break, I will give you a mulligan on that. What bothers me are things like the odd love to FP Santangelo, the Bryce Harper is better than Mike Trout talk (seriously just stop it), and then there is the entire moronic section of fans who still think the Jason Werth deal was a good one (he is a .267 career hitter, it’s still to much money).

All that stuff aside the important item on the agenda is tomorrow afternoon at 1 o’clock. It’s not just a test for the Nationals, but a test of you guys as a fan base. You want to be a baseball town? Prove it. DC has lost 2 baseball teams in their history because of the simple truth that people didn’t care. For those of you who watched games one and two of the series you got a first hand look at what a baseball city looks like, because no place does it like St. Louis does it. If you watched the first two games of the Yankees Orioles series you got to see the excitement and atmosphere of a fan base that has waited 15 years for a playoff game (I saw it in person). D.C. should be rocking tomorrow from the upper deck all the way out to those lovely parking garages. It’s a chance to show everyone that the park is there for more than a summer concert series. If you don’t have tickets, go buy some. Can’t afford them? Take off work and go to a bar. Don’t have a job? Then walk around outside the park and give people high fives. That is what baseball towns do. Go out and take pictures with those statues that have 8 arms, throw on that Christian Guzman throw back t-shirt jersey, and live and die with every pitch.

I am never going to be a Nationals fan that is just the way it is, but as a guy who loves baseball and understands its greatness, I want the fans of the team in my backyard to have a good image to every one else. So show me something, turn on your Natitude, light it on fire or whatever it is you people do and show me something.


Bill Thompson

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