Could Some Fielding Changes Be Coming?

Anthony Rendon back to minors

It must have been a bitter sweet feeling for Anthony Rendon after having his best night at the plate, knowing that he will be going back down to the minors.

Rendon ended his tour after 8 games with the Nationals. He went 6-25 with 1 RBI and walked 5 times. Rendon got his first hit in his second game, where he doubled in a run. Davey Johnson has had nothing but good things to say about Rendon:

“He’s done very well in the field and he’s had some awfully good at-bats. It’s not going to be long before he’s back here. He’s a good player.”

Another amazing thing about Rendon is that he has only had just fewer than 50 games of minor league baseball before the Nationals brought him up. The down side is that in his first season he broke his ankle, but he showed no signs of that injury slowing him up in the field or at the plate.

I agree with Davey Johnson that it won’t be long till we see Anthony Rendon in the Show again. Rendon’s fate with the Nationals though is up in the air. A lot of it will depends on how they handle 2 veteran players in Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche. With Ryan Zimmerman coming back from a hamstring injury I don’t see Rendon playing 3rd base any time soon, unless Zimm gets hurt again. But with Zimmerman’s known throwing issues at third base and LaRoche’s slumping season at the plate it begs the question if the Nationals will take a gamble with a young kid and make some position moves. How I see it, it has always been on the table to move Zimmerman to first base when he started having arm issues. And with LaRoche only having one year left in his contract and the trade of Michael Morse; you have to begin to wonder if bringing Rendon up to play third and moving Zimmerman to first, while cutting LaRoche wasn’t in the game plan all along. A move like this would leave a veteran bat in place and bring up some more young blood to an already young stellar team. At this point, this is all speculation. The other way I see them using Rendon is as trade bait to get something of need later in the season.

All I know is that Rendon’s future in the Major Leagues is up in the air. But one thing no one can take away form him is that he is a Major Leaguer. And that is something to ride home proud about.



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