Bryce Harper has been put on the 15-day disable list for knee bursitis. Harper was doing some light jogging in the pool and the knee still kept swelling up. Unfortunately, it sounds like he will be heading to see Dr. Andrews on Monday to check out the knee.

“I thought if he took some anti-inflammatory [medicine] it would calm it down, but it’s kind of been lingering,” Davey Johnson said of the injury. “When he runs, it swells up. He was jogging in the pool, it swelled up from that. We’re concerned, so we’ll get another opinion on it.[We’ve] just got to get the swelling down, we got to get the inflammation out of there. We haven’t been real successful with our treatment here.”

The injury really started acting up May 26 against Philly when he slid head first into second and third. Harper does not want to take any cortisone shots because he feels that the shots may have adverse affects on his knee. Harpers’ knee does not have enough fluid in it, so draining it is out of the question as well.

“I’m not going to rush it. I’m going to take as much time as I can to get right,” Harper said. “I want to get back in this lineup 100 percent. I don’t want back in it at 80 percent.”

Harper has said that he would like to play a few minor league games to make sure the knee will not swell before he returns to the big team. This means I could be going to the Potomac Nationals games to get an up close and personal look at Bryce Harper; one of the nice things about living so close to a minor league team.

The faster Harper comes back the better. Washington has now dropped under .500 and are 3rd in the division. The Nationals are 4-12 without Harper in the lineup. And with Strasburg hitting the DL as well we need as many healthy players we can get.

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