Bryce Harper left in the fifth inning of Monday night’s game after a spine-tingling collision with Dodger Stadiums right field wall.

AJ Ellis ripped a pitch from Jordan Zimmerman to right field over the head of Bryce Harper. In Harper fashion he took off to make the catch like a raging bull being let out of his cage. Harper was unable to make the catch and face planted into the wall. Bryce Harper imminently collapsed from the impact.

After a few minutes Harper was able to get to his feet and walk off on his own power. Harper looked dazed and you could see blood running down his neck.

nationals-dodgers-bas_coma-1_s640x699What made the collision even more gruesome was the fact that Harper did not run into the padded part of the face, but the mesh fencing of the scoreboard. The cameraman zoomed in on where Harper hit and the scoreboard was jarred loose from the force of the impact.

General Manager Mike Rizzo and principle owner Mark Lerner left their seats near the dugout right after the collision. You can only think that they went to check on their star player.

Davey Johnson may want to think about keeping Bryce Harper in left field from now on. This is the second time this year he has collided with a right field scoreboard. The last time was in Atlanta when he was trying to rob a home run. That collision only resulted in a bruised side.

If you watch Harper as he hits the wall, it seems like he just forgot the wall was going to be there. Harper knew he couldn’t catch the ball started to slow up to play the ball off the wall, and without warning smashed face first into the wall with out even putting his hands up.

I have never seen someone run into a wall this way. With the impact that he hit, Harper will, without doubt, be going through concussion testing.

Update: According to Dan Kolko of MASN, Harper had to receive 11 stitches, but luckily for him he was not diagnosed with a concussion.

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