Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

At this point in the season I don’t think anyone of importance is worried about who will be the Washington Nationals manager in 2014. But as a fan and with the Nationals not playing up to expectations, it’s on the top of my mind.

So who is in the running to be the next skipper of the Nationals: Bench Coach Randy Knorr, 3rd base coach Trent Jewett, or a big time name like Joe Girardi?

All these could be potential candidates, but I feel that Don Mattingly might be at the top of that list at the end of the year. I come to this conclusion after reading an article by CBSSports.com writer Danny Knobler  suggested that the Nationals are in the market for a high-profile manager.

Mattingly’s contract will expire after 2013. With the way the season is going for the Dodgers I don’t think it’s crazy to say that Mattingly’s job is up in the air. The Dodgers have an incredibly high payroll, and the underperformance of the team is not the way you get a contract extension.

Also the Nationals have shown interest in Mattingly before. According to Knobler, “People who know Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo say Rizzo is and has always been a Mattingly fan. The Nationals considered Mattingly as manager once before, according to sources, although they never officially interviewed him for the job at that point.”

I would love to know who these “sources” are but only time will tell us that. Again its way to early to tell if something like this would happen next year. But the signs do point to a Donnie Baseball in DC.

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