After Tuesday’s night game was rained out, the Washington Nationals said that fans could only use their tickets at the Thursday make up game, according to their “no refund, no exchange” policy. This did not sit well with the Nats fan base. Many fans were confounded by the Nationals sudden change to the ticket policy.  Nationals COO Andrew Feffer said, “ Due to higher demand and less capacity, we’ve had to modify our ticket policy.” The biggest problem with this is that the rescheduled game was moved to a 4:05 game and not a night game; so many fans were worried that they would not be able to make the game.

But with social media being what it is today, it didn’t take long for the Nationals upper management to change back to the old policy. “We heard our fans. I think it’s always important from a customer service standpoint to listen. We responded quickly and decisively. We said, if our fans want that option for a future game, if it’s important to them, we certainly want to provide that” said Feffer. Here is the team statement:

The Washington Nationals wish to announce that all fans who purchased tickets for Tuesday night’s postponed game with the Detroit Tigers will be guaranteed their same seats for Thursday’s scheduled 4:05 p.m. makeup game, or will retain the option to exchange their tickets — as they have in the past — for any remaining regular or value home game during the 2013 season, subject to availability. Due to increased attendance at Nationals Park, “rain check” ticket holders are encouraged to contact the Nationals ticket office by phone or online to better ensure seating for those games. The Nationals apologize for any inconvenience.

I do understand the Nationals concern. Fans need to understand if they can’t make the makeup game, then the rain check game they go to may not be in the same section or seats they were in. And I know from working retail for 7 years that everyone reading this is going “oh, yea I understand that” until they get to the stadium and the only thing available is something 6 sections back from where they were sitting, and you go ape shit on a guy making 7 bucks an hour. And everyone that just said, “I never do that,” yes you do.

Just like any policy when it changes people are going to be upset about it. Big ups to the Nationals Management team to show that they do care about what their fans have to say.

Fans make sure you heed the warning though; “Hey, attendance at Nationals Park is at record highs,” Feffer said. “We’re up 30 percent. Just recognize that if you come and don’t plan ahead of time, it very well could be you could show up on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday and the game could be sold out. Or you might not even be able to get in the same section. That’s an important part to point out.”

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