Byrce Harper Injury

Nothing can derail a team faster then a bunch of aches and pains that turn into DL injuries. The Nationals are not lacking in that department right now. There 2,3 and 4 hitters are right now either dealing with an injury or in rehab for one. And there star pitcher is suffering for forearm tension.

Ryan Zimmerman was put on the 15 Day DL with a strained left hamstring. He was then sent on April 30th to Class A ball for advanced rehab session. This was cool for all of us Northern Virginians, because the Class A team is the Potomac Nationals that play in Woodbridge, Virginia. Zimmerman is looking to make his return to the Nationals this Friday, but with hamstring injuries you never really know when it’s time to come back.

Next up we have Jayson Werth. On Monday night, Werth went down after fouling a ball off his left ankle. Luckily the X-Rays came back negative. The Nationals dodged a bullet with that one, as the average recovery time on a broken ankle is as least 6 weeks plus rehab. If this wasn’t enough, Werth is also nursing a right hamstring injury as well. This one not as bad as Zimmerman’s but still something we need to keep our eye on.

Bryce Harper was removed form the game Wednesday night after a check swing left him hunched over in pain. This was due to a severely bruised side. Harper got this injury by crashing into the outfield wall trying to catch Tim Hudson’s home run. Harper showed off the Bruise after the game to Reporters:

With a player like Harper I’m afraid this wont be the last injury he gets from running into a wall. But it is a step up from hitting himself in the head with his own bat.

Last but not least, Stephen Strasburg is reporting some right forearm tension. He did throw a bullpen session on May 1st and said everything felt fine. But this is still not what you want to hear form your star pitcher who has not started the season well. My only fear with Strasburg, and any pitcher that has had major arm surgery for that matter, is what all these little pains and aches are doing to his head on the mound.

None of these injuries are huge, but like I said in the beginning this is what can derail your team very quickly. Let’s just hope this is premature speculation and everyone heals up nice and fine.


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