Jayson Werth went to get a MRI this Thursday, and the initial evaluation is the MRI is clean. So what is causing the hamstring tightness in Jayson Werth?

It may be due to a stomach virus that was said to have been an unrelated issue. The hamstring issue first showed itself in the Altanta series last week. We had not been told that Werth has been dealing with stomach issue dating back to the same time. After resting him for 4 games (6 days) Davey Johnson now feels the two are related: “I actually think from talking to him that he’s got some stomach virus that’s causing him to get dehydrated,” Johnson said “When he gets dehydrated, then the muscles start spasming.”

I really don’t understand why this stomach issue has been so hush hush. Seems like a pretty logical thing to me, get a stomach virus that we all know dehydrates you, and then you get a hamstring spasm. Why has it taken so long for the doctors and everyone around Werth to think this might be the issue? Werth felt from the beginning that he did not strain the muscle, because he has been able to pass all the physicals that Nationals doctors have given him.

I feel that we still have not been given all the info on what is going on with Jayson Werth. It feels like if he was getting dehydrated from a stomach issue, and that was causing him to have spasms in his leg, that it would be an easy thing to explain. With all the money spent on players’ health it really doesn’t set with me that they are just now making the connection between the two.  We will just have to sit back and see what happens.

Werth has been put on antibiotics and could return to the lineup as early as this Saturday against the Cubs (4:05 game time). It is very possible that if the one issue gets cleared up the other one will follow.

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