Stevie Wonder Teo


Well everyone’s favorite third-string QB came up with the art of Tebowing in his time in Denver. It spread like wildfire and had everyone from small children to half naked bros in a pool getting down on one knee and looking like dipshits. After Tebow “Tebowed” his way into the third string QB spot behind Dirty Sanchez and some dude whos last name sounds like Nike’s new $200 million man, the fad of Griffining started.

Now that Griffining has run its course it’s time for America’s new posing fad, and that fad is the art of Te’oing! Why have a real girlfriend that constantly bitches and always wants to watch Desperate Housewives and Jersey Shore when you can just make up someone up that always does what you want. Ladies and Gentleman, courtesy of a friend of mine Mr. Michael Dively, behold the art of Te’oing!!



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