Mr. Goodell has gone from the hunter, to the hunted

Mr. Goodell has gone from the hunter, to the hunted

Just a few days ago, Ray Rice was actively playing the villain of the NFL. However, after reports surfaced of a police officer claiming he sent video tape of the Rice incident to league offices three months ago, the negative spotlight swiftly returned to Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Goodell certainly isn’t a favorite among fans, or even his own players for that matter. While meaning well in implementing new rules, fines and penalties to protect players’ safety, many fans argue he is ruining the game of football.

I admit that I have been left scratching my head at quite a few of Goodell’s decisions, most notably when he began enforcing players to hit low. This certainly proves as a solution to reduce concussions, but as Goodell practically forces defenders to dive at knees, any kudos for lessening concussions goes out the window. Not to mention, knee injuries are almost a guaranteed season-ender; more times than not, concussed players are fully healed and back in the next week or two. Except Josh Freeman, who carried a concussion from Tampa to Minnesota and didn’t even know it (probably because he was concussed, coincidentally). But I digress.

The fact that Roger (I refuse to call him Commissioner Goodell at this point) sat on video evidence for months and didn’t act goes completely against his own strictly-enforced values. Remember during the New Orleans Saints bounty days, when Goodell said ignorance is not an excuse? Ha!

Goodell has always been strict, but why should players respect his values and follow the rules, when he doesn’t even respect them himself?

With NFL players past and present speaking (or tweeting, anyway) publicly against Goodell, any respect for the Commissioner is currently unfounded.

With the following developments, assuming them to be true, I believe the near future of the league depends on the resignation of Roger Goodell. It was hard enough watching Goodell turn Sunday into a flag football league, but as ignorance and hypocrisy surface, it’s practically impossible to defend him.

Ray Rice already has support and forgiveness from the one person who matters, his wife, Janay. Goodell needs the support of hundreds of players and millions of fans – good luck Roger. Here’s to hoping Goodell hits the high road, with someone making an Adam Silver-like impact as the new NFL commissioner.

Until then, the hunter has become the hunted.

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