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Soren Baker has had more than 2,300 articles published in such publications as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, XXL, The Source and RedBullUSA.com. Check out his full Author’s page at Amazon. Super Bowl Champions – The Story of the Baltimore Ravens is his 2nd book chronicling the Ravens. This book review is written by Phil Michel.

After chronicling the 2011 season which left his team one catch away from the Super Bowel, Soren Baker continues his deft analysis of and obvious enthusiasm for the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl Champions: The Story Of The 2012 Baltimore Ravens.  Baker displays his thorough knowledge of the team and its inner workings, at least as much as a fan who lives 3,000 miles from his team can do.  In a straightforward examination of each week during the season, the Los Angeles area resident demonstrates an understanding of what the Ravens did right and, most decidedly, what they did wrong each week.  But knowing what went wrong is easy.  Baker offers his unvarnished opinions on how to fix things as well.

Mixed in with the clear analysis of the weekly efforts (written in real time during the season) is an on-going critique of, now no longer, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron.  He was released after the game with the Washington football team (they really do need to change the name) in week 13.  Cameron, according to Baker, continued on the same feeble plan he demonstrated in the 2011 season.  Coach John Harbaugh finally figured out what Baker knew more than a year ago.

Each game of the season is discussed in three sections:   “Why the Ravens Won/Lost,” “Injury Concerns” and “Moving Forward.”  It seems like a simple pattern. It is.  And Baker provides a vivid examination of how the Ravens marched to the Super Bowel despite numerous problems, many of them self-inflicted.  Joe Flacco getting hot at just the right time, which coincided with the exit of Cam Cameron, certainly didn’t hurt.


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