Chris Davis Angry

Hulk. Angry.

Baltimore Orioles fans have been calling slugger Chris Davis Crush Davis as he is currently in 2nd place in the MLB with 6 home runs.

And during Tuesday night’s game with the Rays, Davis did just that as he struck out and crushed a bat over his leg like it was just a twig. GIF below is via @CorkGaines:

Chris Davis Smash GIF

Earlier in the day, Mrs. Davis had tweeted out a picture of Chris drinking his “Hulk Juice”. It appears he either drank too much of it, or his inner hulk is just triggered by striking out, which I am sure we can all relate too.

And who hasn’t thought about taking a baseball bat and smashing it over their leg? I know ever since playing Ken Griffey Jr. baseball on Super Nintendo the thought has crossed my mind plenty. Chris Davis is just living the dream.

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