Orioles Fan: Happy we didn’t get Hanley

Another writer for this awesome website recently posted an article trashing the Orioles for not pulling the trigger on the rumors they may have been interested in now LA Dodger Hanley Ramirez.

While valid points were made like the one about the Orioles inability to not pull in big talent via free agency — its true the Orioles have had issues not bringing in top free agents — they have also however, not over paid for other teams 5 hitters, like for example what the Nationals did with Jason Werth (or maybe 7 years 126 million for a career .265 hitter is a bargain… I don’t know I am not a GM).

After thinking about the Orioles and the situation they are in right now, the Hanley Ramirez deal makes little to no sense.

Hanley is in my opinion on the down turn. Last season he hit .243 and this year he is only at .246. If you want to make the argument that he hit .300 on the dot only 2 seasons ago, go ahead because even though he hit .300 in 2010 his average still dropped 42 points from 2009. So if he is having trouble hitting NL East pitching — which outside of the Nationals is nothing special — he sure is not going to get any better trying to hit in the AL East.  Not to mention the fact that it is no secret he has zero interest in playing 3rd base, and wants to be a shortstop. The Orioles already have one in JJ Hardy who has a much better glove and is leaps and bounds a better club house guy. There is also the fact that big time SS prospect Manny Machado is not far away, so even if Hanley was at SS once Machado comes up he gets moved over and Hanley goes back to being the selfish player he has shown himself to be time and time again in Miami. Hanley Ramirez seems to be suffering from a serious case of getting paid then getting lazy. Giving away prospects for a player that might work with a change of uniform is not an option the Orioles have right now.

The farm system is not loaded with talent, and giving up what they do have for an experiment is not the right move at all. If they are going to make trades at the deadline it needs to be for a cheap veteran that they will not have to “sell the farm” for. The Orioles do not have the talent pool in the minors to be trading anyone, and what GM in their right mind is going accept a deal for a big named player when the Orioles have Brian Matusz or Jake Arietta as the top prizes to give away?

I hope the Orioles make a run however unlikely that might be.

Although if they do not, it won’t be because they didn’t pull the trigger on a trade for Hanley Ramirez.



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