Birthday Wishlist


I just turned 25 and I thank you for the energetic HAPPY BIRTHDAY you all just mentally gave me.

However, it got me thinking, now I am half way to 50 what in my personal world of sports (that I follow so sorry NBA fans and NHL guys I would be lying if I said I paid attention) has gone on since July 24th 1987?

Here are some answers I found out.

For my beloved Orioles: they have 0 World Series wins, 2 playoff appearances, and 12 different managers. Oh yeah, and at some point in my life DC got a baseball team I heard.

For the Redskins: Super Bowl wins….1 (I was born in July remember that), 8 different head coaches and 9 if you count Gibbs 2.0, and 24 different starting QBs. Looking up all this stuff raised another question in my mind, how in the world do I even like sports? Look at those numbers again – it’s just depressing. Because I am a glass half full kind of guy, I decided that after a good long cry I would never look at those numbers again and look forward to the future at what could happen in the next 25 years, and I came up with sort of a wish list that either the Redskins or Orioles can make come true whenever they see fit.




  1. Get to a Super Bowl. I am not a greedy person just get there and give me two weeks of non stop Skins talks on sports channels.
  2. This one is to RGIII….please be good. I have never had a QB and frankly I want to know what its like.
  3. Play one game at RFK. Just one. I never got to feel it shake in the glory days and I want that.
  4. Have at least one dollar beer Sunday Funday at FedEx. This is a long shot but a guy can dream.
  5. If Dan Snyder happens to sell the team that may be a perk.
  6. Put something…anything that is associated with the Redskins in the actual city of DC.
  7. Let’s draft some more people in the next 25 years huh? I love the NFL draft. I would love it more if my team participated in it.
  8. More touchdowns because that means more Papa Johns Monday toppings.
  9. Establish an identity of some kind. The Steelers have been the same team since 1970 and it’s worked out for them.
  10. Beat the other NFC East teams more then they beat us.





  1. Get to the playoffs. If you happen to meet the Yanks there and happen to beat them and Matt Weiters (who will play for the next 25 years) happens to hit a home run that some little 12 year old Orioles fan pulls over the wall, who happens to be my son before the outfielder to catch it, then I would die a happy man.
  2. Find an Ace. I am hoping its Dylan Bundy.
  3. Get Jim Palmer out of the broadcast booth. He is awful and I can no long listen to him reference himself as if he can still pitch.
  4. Once the MASN deal runs out, bring back HTS. More Sports Your Sports….HTS!
  5. Never build a new stadium…..EVER.
  6. Rebuild the farm system because minus 2 players it’s awful.
  7. Drop my name down on the Warehouse as if it were Cals 2131. Once again a long shot but a guy can dream.
  8. Don’t go back to the old hats ever again, stick with the cartoon bird.
  9. Spend some money to get a big free agent. Going to have to over pay a bit because you have sucked since 1983 other then two seasons, but still shell out some cash.
  10. Make sure Rafael Palmeiro has no affiliation with the team what so ever and block his face out during all Orioles Classics games shown on MASN.


Sports have a way of getting inside us and being part of our every day lives, so no matter how old someone is they have dreams for their respective teams.

I just hope my next 25 years are better, because frankly they have been a nightmare not a dream.

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