Baltimore’s Nick Markakis continues to get it done


For anyone who watches Orioles games regularly you notice a few different things. Jim Palmer is head over heals in love with Jim Palmer, J.J “ballso” Hardy catches everything hit within 100 feet of him, and Nick Markakis has no emotions what so ever. In fact it almost looks as if Markakis has the most miserable job on the planet, or at the very least that he is having a bad game and thus has a serious case of the grumps.

Then you look at his stat line.

Nick Markakis is so consistent it’s scary. He has only hit under .290 one time, in 2011, and is hitting .295 for his career. He’s never had under a .350 OBP, and has only hit under 30 doubles one time which was in his rookie year, and averages 37 per season. Not to mention since this is the Orioles, and we love guys who play every day, he has started over 155 games per year except in 2006 when he started 147.

Offensive stuff aside, Markakis is one — if not the — best defensive right fielder in the game. He already has a Gold Glove on his shelf (should be 2 after this season) as well as a Howitzer for a left arm. Through his almost 7 years in the big leagues, Nick has 75 outfield assists (for those who do not know and outfield assist is when someone is actually dumb enough to try to score on him or take an extra base and he throws them out) which is 14th among active players. Not to shabby. Until you look at the actual list and realize that he is one of only 2 in the top 14 who has played less than 11 seasons and is under 35 years old.

Not sold on him as a player yet? Ok. How about as a person, Markakis donates $75,000 a season to breast and prostate cancer research. In 2009 he started the “Right Side Foundation” which helps distressed children in Maryland. That same year he won the Roberto Clemente Award and for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s the MVP for being an awesome human.

During the current 2012 run the Orioles have been on, I have not felt more excited for any other player than Markakis. He signed a 6 year extension in 2009 with the Orioles. Who at that time in their right mind would have wanted to be with the Orioles for that long? He is a true Oriole. This season it is finally paying off with the O’s in the thick of the playoff hunt.

So you stay grumpy Nick, we’ll smile for you.


Side Notes- This was more of a Nick Markakis overall post but in case you wanted to know what he has done lately here you go:

  • Post All-Star Break – .341 AVG, .518 Slugging Percentage, .911 Ops.
  • Last 7 Games –  .444 AVG, .630 Slugging, 1.130 OPS.
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