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Over the past ten years or so the Orioles have had a rough go of it sending players to the All-Star game. Pretty much the only reason they had anyone in the all-star festivities was because of the MLB rule that each team has to be represented. They have sent such Orioles greats at Ty Wiggington and George Sharell.

However, this year the O’s can make a solid case to have multiple all-stars. Here are a few guys who could be representing Baltimore come All-Star break:


Adam Jones

Adam Jones is not going to start the All-Star game most likely because of Curtis Granderson. A billion people live in New York and they all vote for Yankees. With that being said, he should without a doubt be on his way to his second All-Star game. With a .302 batting average and 18 bombs, his numbers are up there with any center fielder in the league. If for some strange reason he is the only Oriole who ends up in KC for the game, there is not a better representative to have for the organization.

Jason Hammel

I know I know. The Orioles sending a starting pitcher to the All-Star game is a little far-fetched right?

Wrong. Hammel has been lights out all season long. 7-2 with a 2.87 ERA are All-Star numbers. The trade for Hammel was a head scratcher at first because he had never done anything special in his years with the Rockies. But honestly, who actually pitches well in Colorado? No one. Apparently, all he needed to do was come over and face AL East line ups to turn it around.

Jim Johnson

Johnson has a 1.17 ERA and 20 saves. He has locked down the closer role after they gave the human pitching machine Kevin Gregg a shot last year. For the first time in a long time, when the Orioles go into the 9th with a lead the game is pretty much over. Jim Johnson is flat-out nasty.

Chris Davis

I will be the first to admit that I was rough on Davis early in the year. However, he has done a good job at shutting me up, along with every one else in the league who said he could not hit at a MLB level. He may not make it to the All-Star game because the AL is loaded with first basemen, but his .283 average and 12 bombs deserves a shout out and consideration. He has had a solid year and may have an outside shot of making the roster but it isn’t likely.



Regardless of if the Orioles stay in the play off race, they have opened up some eyes around the league. Because of that fact, they need to have players on display at the All Star game.

Side Note: I would love to have put Matt Wieters on here, but he is only hitting Nick Johnson’s weight. He is an All-Star in my heart.

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