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2013 NBA Draft (6/27/13)

Draft 2013

Draft Ball Oladipo

Draft Ball Porter

Draft Ball Noel

Draft Ball Bennett

Draft Ball Len

Abby at work

Wizards draft Porter

McLemore visits NBA set

ESPN NBA Draft crew

Wizards vs. kings (1/28/13)

Shoe of the game II

Shoe of the game I

Okafor runner

Nene with the dunk

Nene above his man

Martell greets Wizards fans

Jordan Crawford Stay Fit

Crawford with layup

Booker with board

Arms and legs


Wizards vs. Magic (1/15/13)

Wale and the Redskins

Shoes of the game I

Shoe of the game II

Seraphin putting one down

Martell Webster goes up

Beal with runner

Emeka pull up jumper

Beal with it

Wizard Girl Joanna

Beal Pregame patdown


Wizards vs. Nets (1/4/13)

Williams shouts at Garrett Temple

Beal with monster dunk

Blatche guards Nene

Stackhouse shoots technical

Shoe of the game II

Shoe of the game I

Old school vs new school

Nene goes around Blatche

Nene gets no love from Joey Crawford



Redskins training camp (2012-13 season)

Redskins Pierre Garcon and Ryan Kerrigan

RGIII salutes the crowd

RGIII with kneel down - Victory Formation

Pugh goes down

Ponder's pass just out of reach

Riley tries to get to Ponder

Vikings play action to Peterson

RGIII celebrates TD

Redskins cheerleaders VI

Redskins Fan - Not RGIII


Wizards Media Day (2012-13 season)

Bradley Beal - Wings

Brad Beal shows crossover

Beal talks with Phil and Buck

Beal shows the ball

Beal and the ball

Beal and Vesely

Ariza meets the press

Wizards Guards 2012

Wizards big men

Webster with pose