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After the year that the Washington Redskins had in the 2012 season, the Skins are in prime position to land some guys that not only could add to the core of the team but also could became very helpful down the line. And with the team finally showing they can compete, it is a perfect time for owner Dan Snyder to spend some of those free agency dollars to tighten up a few holes in the team.

I have compiled a list with notable free agents that the Redskins should go after. First though, let’s have a look “in house” to see who Washington needs to keep around and who the team can afford to let go.

In House

1. Fred Davis: The good thing about this situation is that the Skins have options here with “sleepy”. Davis is coming off of a year that he wants to forget, and probably knows that the Redskins hold his fate with the team in their hands. If the Redskins try to keep him it won’t be under the franchise tag, the team would likely try to sign him to a 2-3 year deal at a reduced rate.

2. London Fletcher: As much as I talk about how he has lost a step, every Sunday he shut my mouth last year. Fletch has played outstanding since signing with the team back in 2007, doing what a lot of people question that he could do when the Skins went out and picked him up out of free agency. The Ball is in Fletcher’s court and I won’t be surprised if he does come back for one more year. But are the Skins willing to keep him or clear up close to 3 million in cap space?

3. Lorenzo Alexander: This is a MUST for the Redskins. Re-signing Alexander will be the best Free Agency move for the Washington Redskins in my opinion. Alexander has been nothing short of a stud for the Skins since he came on board with the team as a practice squad player in 2006. I’m not too worried about Alexander because I know that he wants to play football here and I know that the Skins want to bring him back. Especially in case Fletcher does hang them up.

4. Brandon Banks: Buah Bye.

5. DeAngelo Hall: Terrible at the start of the season, Hall turned it around and played like the guy that we knew in Atlanta at the end of the season. D-hall is not a free agent but his mouth and his lackluster play in the start of the year might have done him in in Washington. Ultimately the Redskins will probably keep him but that $8.3 figure has to be reduced in order to get under the cap. Hall has already expressed the willingness to rework his deal.

6. Brandon Meriweather: If healthy the guy is a game changer. I say bring him back on another one year deal. it can’t hurt.

7. Santana Moss: This one is tricky just because he had such a good year for the team, but paying an aging WR $6.3 million a year is not the thing to do in the NFL anymore. I think the Redskins rework his deal to better suit the team. If Moss won’t rework his deal then I would see the Skins moving in a different direction.

8. Chris Cooley: Well, with only one catch this past season after coming back when Davis went down, it looks like the Skins are going to part ways for good with Cooley but that’s only on the field. I think Chris will be back with the Redskins organization in some capacity outside of being a player.

That was just some of the guys that I think Washington should focus on the most. Now here are some of the top Free Agents around the NFL that the team could — and should — try to reel in.


Free Agents

1. Mike Wallace (WR): Great fit for the Redskins wide-open offense. The Skins are going to have a hard time signing him because of the team’s cap issues this year, but if they can make it work he should be a prime target. It’s nice to dream about it anyway!

2. Danny Amendola (WR): “Mr. Don’t Sleep On Me” himself. Surprised that the Rams are going to let him walk after the productive season that he had, but he was injured for the better part of the season. Still this could be an affordable option for the Skins, especially as a reliable replacement for Moss.

3. Kellen Winslow (TE): Do you take a shot on this guy?

4. Gosder Cherilus (T): With Jamal Brown getting the boot this off season (finally), this would be another affordable pick up for the Redskins. God knows that they need a solid Right Tackle.

5. Lawrence Sidbury (DL): Washington would be smart to add more speed to the defensive line and Sidbury has a lot of it.

6. Moise Fokou (LB): Skins fans know this guy too well. He would be a perfect fit for the team as a solid rotational player.

7. Kelvin Hayden (CB): A guy that the Redskins wanted so bad two years back is now a free agent. Coming off of an injury, I still think the Skins should take a hard look at Hayden.

8. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (CB): “Run DRC” could be just what the doctor ordered for Washington at the corner position. He could fill in the nickel if the team moves away from Griffin.

9. Ed Reed (S): Maybe?..

10. Jairus Byrd (S): This would be AWESOME. If you pair up Meriweather and Byrd…you now have one of the best safety tandems in the NFL. Skins should hit this one as hard as the team can.


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