Robert Griffin III at Redskins Mini Camp

Is there another battle between Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan like we had a few times last year about Robert’s knee?

First there was the Browns game after Griffin was injured the week before in the Ravens game. RG3 and his father wanted him to play, but Shanahan and doctors wouldn’t let him. 1-0 Shanahan.

Second, there was obviously the Seahawks game where Griffin convinced Shanny he was finishing this thing because he had brought us so far. We all know how that one played out, whether or not there was actual a “battle”or not.

Now there is a new rumbling going on around Redskins Park. How much is it an issue? No one knows. It could be a big thing, but more than likely not.

Griffin has said there is “no doubt” he will be ready to go for training camp, which starts July 25th.

On the other side of the situation, Shanahan stated in a recent press conference:

The doctors have got to OK him. From the beginning they have talked about the recovery time being anywhere from seven months to nine months…August 9 is seven months.

Will it be an issue when training camp opens? Only time will tell. Here at Blog So Hard though we talk about all things, controversial or not. We’ll have to see what transpires this summer with this issue. My hunch is that Rg3 will grumble a little, but he’s learned his lesson from last January and this time he will listen to doctors and coach Shanahan more. I wouldn’t expect to see RG3 going full speed with the first team until at least mid August.

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