Redskins Draft Grades 2013

I really don’t like doing draft grades this early but I think this draft class for the Washington Redskins is pretty special, so I figured I would get an early jump on it. With the Redskins going into the 2013 NFL draft without a 1st round pick due to trading up for Robert Griffin III last year, the Skins needed secondary help BAD after being in the bottom of the NFL in pass defense and the team knew what they had to address in the draft.

We all know how draft grades go, you grade the team on their overall draft and give them either a number out of 10 or A-F, but I’m going to go through every pick and give them individual grades instead. Feel free to drop your individual grades in the comments section below:


Round 2: David Amerson (CB) NC State

The first thing I noticed off the bat about Amerson is that he is a big kid. Amerson is 6’2…the Skins are not known for taking big corners. I feel that they might have saw what a team like the Seahawks did in taking Sherman and Browner and wanted to replicate the success their defense had. Amerson had a stellar 2011 season in playing all 13 games with 13 (that’s right I said 13!) interceptions and 2 touchdowns, and had another nice year in 2012 also playing in all 13 games recording 5 interceptions.

The Good: Amerson is a very physical corner with the ability to make amazing plays on the ball. David is very fast running a 4.4 40 at his pro day, giving the Redskins an easy first choice for an opening day starter.

The Bad:  It seems that Amerson is notvery good with double moves, being burned more than once on these stop and go plays. Amerson also likes to peek in the backfield and take his eyes off of the WR at the worst times.

Overall Grade:  B (Amerson could be the Boom or Bust pick for the Redskins)


Round 3: Jordan Reed (TE) Florida

I really like this pick a lot. Some people didn’t understand the pick but if you look at the Skins offense theyreally use the position a lot and could use another weapon. Reed is VERY athletic and will cause a mismatch when linebackers are put on him in the open field. A converted QB, Reed has made it known that he would do whatever it takes to win. Reed had a pretty good 2012 with Florida chalking up 559 yards on 45 receptions and 3 touchdowns.

The Good: Reed will be joining a crowded house with Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen and Niles Paul but I think he could challenge Paulsen for his number 2 position on the team. Jordan is 6’2 and 236 pounds and can snatch a ball out of the air like it had no business being up there in the first place.

The Bad: Jordan had a known run in with his coach, being benched for “bad attitude” and not being able to be “coachable”. Hopefully that was only one time and will not happen again.

Overall Grade: C


Round 4: Phillip Thomas (S) Fresno State

I wanted the Redskins to take Thomas after the first time I watched him play! BALL HAWK! He has the ability to locate the ball like no other. At one timeThomas was projected as a first round pick but for some reason fell all the way to the 4th round where we gladly scooped him up.I knew that we needed a safety. I’ve been a Redskins fan my whole life,” said Thomas on a media call. He is a raw talent that looks to start right away barring injury. Thomas had an AMAZING 2012 season with Fresno, Totaling 66 tackles with 4 sacks and 8 interceptions to go along with 3 touchdowns.

The Good: Thomas can play both safety positions and play them both well. Thomas is no stranger to playing center field or playing in the box. He is a turnover machine and looks to continue with that with the Redskins.

The Bad: Open field tackling is something that he himself has said that he has to work on at the next level…while not the greatest he still can square up and hit you!!

Overall Grade: A+ (great value on top of addressing a huge team need)


Round 5: Chris Thompson (RB) Florida State

Another pick that had the Redskins fans scratching their heads, but not me. I know that Roy Helu has a lingering injury that just won’t heal and the fact that Evan Royster hasn’t showed the Skins enough to be guaranteed a roster spot for next year lead to this pick. But even still, Thompson is no sure fire pick and comes along with injury question marks. Thompson had a pretty good career as a Seminole putting up good numbers: 276 attempts and 1,736 yard rushing with 14 TD’s.

The Good: if Thompson makes the squad I could see him being a very nice change-of-pace back to accompany Morris in the back field. Chris has great speed and can stop on a dime. Thompson can also return kicks and punts next season which is always a plus.

The Bad: Will that back and ankle injury come back to haunt him?

Overall Grade: C+


Round 5: Brandon Jenkins (LB/DE) Florida State

With two Seminoles taken in the 5th round, Jenkins will be joining his college teammate Chris Thompson. A value pick for the Redskins, Jenkins is a guy that can take over a game if he very well wants to. Jenkins had a wonderful 2012 season with 41 tackles and 8 sacks, but a broken ankle derailed his 2013 season.

The Good: Thompson has awesome range and is very instinctive. He will most likely make the team in the absence of Lorenzo Alexander.

The Bad: The only thing that can slow Jenkins down is injuries….otherwise, I really like this pick!

Overall Grade: B-


Round 6: Bacarri Rambo (S) Georgia

RAMBO!! I was super excited about this pick when I found out that the Skins pulled his card. One of the better safeties in the draft, Rambo is a rangy and ball hawking safety that demands respect by opposing offenses. Not only does the man have the BEST name in the NFL, he might be one of the steals of the draft. Rambo has the ability to start right away but will probably share time with Brandon Merriweather, assuming he can return fully healthy from a torn ACL. Rambo had a solid 2012 tallying 34 tackles and reeling in 8 interceptions.

The Good: HIS NAME!…Next is the ball hawking instinct and the ability to strip the ball from a WR or a RB at anytime! Rambo has a very high ceiling and could have numbers that blow your mind in the near future.

The Bad:  2 drug suspensions, he’ll need to steer clear of Fred Davis and Trent Williams.

Overall Grade: B


Round 7: Jawan Jamison (RB) Rutgers

A great kid with a wonderful story, Jamison came out in the draft as a sophomore because he wanted to do anything to help his Mother with her breast cancer treatments and to support her through it. Jamison is a bowling ball, low to the ground like a Ray Rice and the escape ability of a Maruice Jones-Drew. In two years Jawan tallied 1,972 yards and 13 touchdowns with the Scarlet Kinghts.

The Good: Another change-of-pace back for the Redskins that could also help out in the return game.

The Bad:I honestly couldn’t think or find anything bad about this kid. He’s a well rounded runner that has supreme pass blocking skills.

Overall Grade: C+

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