We are all right there with you

We are all right there with you


20 years of waiting, 20 years of heartbreak, 20 years of losing, 20 years of horrendous quarterbacks.  Robert was a blessing to this troubled franchise, and his talents gave him the ability to do amazing things on the field that the NFL had never seen before, Robert was special.

So after the game on October 7th when Robert suffered a concussion trying to make a play in the 3rd quarter, he was evaluated by team doctors and given the news that he had suffered a mild concussion. However, the Shanahan’s and the brass in the owners box did not follow in-game procedures and rules that mandate that when a player sustains a possible concussion that the team notify the officials & media and that the player not be eligible to return to the game. Instead they told the officials & media that Robert was “shaken up”.  $20,000 was the fine for violating the NFL’s procedures for reporting injuries regarding injuries.

This should have been a huge red flag to the NFL, media, and Redskins Nation that the Shanahan’s are only focused on what is in their best interests and care little for the well being of players and the fans.

On December 9th in a game against the Raven’s, Robert was hurt again, running for a first down he was slammed into and his knee bent the wrong way. You would have thought that since it was obviously a knee injury that the team doctors on the sidelines would examine him and that he would have to be cleared before being able to return. He was kept out for one play and as we just found out 6 hours before yesterday’s game from Dr. James Andrews that it scared the hell outta him watching Robert go back into the game without being “touched” by and medical staff. Shanahan didn’t blink an eye putting Griffin back into the game and 4 plays later Griffin was hurt again and was taken to the sidelines where he was finally given over to the medical staff. When questioned later about this situation, Shanahan lied to media and fans saying that Dr. Andrews had cleared Robert to return to the game. In a USA today article Dr. Andrews denied having said anything to either one of the Shanahan’s. Again they had mislead the media and fans and again had proven to care very little for the health of players.

For the last month the Shanahan’s and Redskins brass have downplayed the injury to the knee of Griffin saying that with the brace he would be cleared to play and that he had shown improvement in his recovery. They took a gamble with Griffin’s health and hoped and prayed that they would get away with hiding the severity of the situation and that the brace would hold up and that the wins would keep coming. But everyone saw the change, slowly but surely the once crisp accurate passes became ill timed, under and overthrown, and the speed and ability to move in the pocket became less and less effective and his production plummeted.

This Sunday the Shanahan’s horrific gamble with the young quarterback’s health came to a head.

After taking a hit late in the 1st quarter we saw Robert begin to move around with at times a pretty severe limp, but the Shanahan’s didn’t blink and kept him in the game. The Redskins were up 14-0 prior to Griffin getting hurt and were able to move the ball pretty effectively down the field. With an extremely capable backup in Kirk Cousins this should have been an easy call to take Robert to the locker room and have his knee examined by the team doctors. Instead Mike and Kyle Shanahan were blinded by their desire to win, and put Robert back into the game. The result was a complete stall of the offense and in the 4th quarter after a bad snap Robert’s knee finally gave out.

As an NFL head coach we as fans look to you to do the right thing concerning the team and the franchise, it’s a trust that you can make the tough calls during a game that are in the best long term interests of the team — and of course the players. This season we have seen time and time again that Mike and Kyle Shanahan, Bruce Allen, Daniel Snyder and the rest of the management at Redskins park have put the desire to win right now over the desire to put this team in a position to win for many, many years to come.

Mike Shanahan has abused this trust in a big way, and as much as I want to believe that he had the best intentions concerning our franchise and our quarterback, his actions this season have spoken to the contrary. How much longer can we afford to let this kind of reckless behavior continue. Is it already too late?

Unfortunately, we will find out with the diagnosis of Robert’s knee.


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