My Wish Robert Griffin Lateef Brock

Lateef Brock high fives Robert Griffin after his touchdown celebration

With all the criticisms, critiques, and scrutiny that has come with any action or word Robert Griffin III has done or said this off-season, this is the type of story the media should be focusing on. A good-hearted person reaching out to someone that could use a little pick-me-up in life.

The Washington Redskins and RGIII granted a wish for 8 year old Lateef Brock of Maryland, who wanted to meet his favorite football player. Brock was born with a kidney disease, has been fighting his whole life, and was not expected to live past his first year. Persevering through multiple surgeries and a kidney transplant in 2012, Lateef is now able to participate in non-contact sports such as flag football.

He wasn’t expecting the phone call from Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, who ended up inviting him to come in and take part in mini camps. A compassionate act like this can sure go a long way for a young boy who doctors said wouldn’t even be alive today. Check out the rest of the story in the video below:

While the Redskins players and RGIII are heroes to Lateef, I am sure that he inspired them a great deal during the time they spent together.Whether you are a fan of the Redskins or sports in general (or not), more stories like this can always make the day brighter. This is the type of inspirational story everyone should take a few minutes out of their day to watch.


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