Will the Redskins sneak into the playoffs?    [shirt available at Sneekis Tees]


The Redskins could very well make the playoffs this year after going 3-6 before the bye week. Robert Griffin came out and stated that “this is going to be a different team” after the bye week, and with all do respect for RG3 as fans we have heard the same old story before. The team gets hype after the bye week and maybe wins 2 more games. But this year it’s different.

After the bye week the Skins are undefeated and looking to run the table to get into the playoffs. With consecutive victories over the NFC East and the then 9-3 Ravens, this Redskins team looks to be clicking on all cylinders. Offensively the read option brings a whole new dynamic to the Redskins running and play action game. Defensively the Skins are coming together at the right time, with DeAngelo hall playing much better than he was in the beginning of the season, and the safety play has been better as well.

I believe that if the Redskins make the playoffs that this team could surprise a lot of people. Now I know that the playoffs are a different animal than the regular season, but I think the Skins have a nearly unstoppable offense with a defense that will give up points but are starting to learn how to close out games when their number is called.

Excitement is building in the Nation’s Capital and for good reason. The Skins have one of the most potent offenses in the league and could pose a lot of problems for any team in the playoffs. If Washington can stay healthy for the rest of the season they have as much a chance in the playoffs as any other team.

Pierre Garcon has been a great addition to the team ever since signing on to be the new number one receiver — when healthy of course; Garcon will have to play a crucial part coming down the stretch and God willing into the playoffs.

The Redskins need to keep giving these teams a nice and steady dose of Alfred Morris and keep them off balance with the play action and with the read option, two things I think that are going to make more of a difference in the playoffs than the regular season.

Washington also needs to start winning the turnover battle and start cutting down on the penalties that always seem to plague the Redskins game after game. Pass rush is another key if you want to make it far in the playoffs, maybe blitzing a little more, moving defensive players around not having them in one place for the whole game.

The leaders must step up and show the NFL that “we are a team on the rise and you should be afraid of what this team can do”. If this team makes a strong enough push, they can make some serious noise this year.

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