RGIII Changes

As reported today by the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, Quistar — a rapper out of Waco, Texas — has released a Changes remix called Changed The Game that is based on his friend Robert Griffin III. Check out the back story by DC Sports Bog, it is a good read.

The song takes a few good shots at Rob Parker, who all of Redskins Nations knows was fired from ESPN for his “corn ball brother” comments.

“There was only so long I could hold it in,” Quistar said by phone. “I see little kids in my area, and now they’re not looking up to gangsters; they’re looking up to Robert. And now you’ve got this guy saying no, he’s not the idol, he’s not the guy you want to look up to? I was so angry I couldn’t even deal with it. I’ve got little homeboys I want to keep out of trouble. And even for the whole city, to see the influence Robert had over Baylor, the excitement over something positive? I want that for my community.”

Check out the song here, sure to be a staple in Skins fan’s pregame routine:

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