Redskins vs Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins

Sunday: September 23rd

1:00 PM



Robert Griffin III makes his home deput in the Redskins week 3 match up with the Bengals. This is about the only thing to be excited about after last weeks tank job in St. Louis, which was by all accounts and embarrassment to the organization and the entire fan base. Moving on.

The Bengals come in the with same record as the Skins (1-1) but with a talented roster made up of players who took them to the playoffs last season. Somehow the Redskins are three point favorites in this game although I’m not 100% sure why. They do however come in with a lot to prove in front of the home fans who will no doubt have FedEx rocking with the first home glimps of RGIII. The Skins better buckle up or they may get knocked in the mouth.

Here are a few things to watch heading into the home opener:



If Pierre Garcon is out for another week the Redskins WR core has to do a better job of stepping up. Yes, Leonard Hankerson caught a long touchdown bomb but he did his best to drop it on the turf. As far as Kyle Shanahan goes, if the Skins do not have Garcon he has to do a better job of calling plays to other guys to get them involved like Fred Davis and Santana Moss who have done little to nothing for the first two weeks. To go along with the passing game, the offensive line better come ready to go because Marvin Lewis coached teams will come at the QB in every way possible and will throw different looks at Griffin to attempt to confuse him.

I expect the Skins to run the ball more this week early on. RGIII is most effective off play action passes, and as we all know that is set up by the run. Alfred Morris has been a pleasant surprise the first 2 weeks with 185 yards through 2 games and I would anticipate around the same amount of carries for him as normal.

The Bengals defense has a good amount of playmakers on it and come from a division (AFC North) where defense wins every year. The Redskins have to be physical at every area on the field. Notice I said physical…not stupid. The Bengals will try to get inside the Skins heads after last week when they proved they have the mental toughness of a JR High squad.



It would most likely be the best idea to just pray. The Redskins secondary is awful and I’m only saying awful because we like to keep the website kid friendly. The good news is — if you want to call it that — the Redskins get to see who is going to step up to replace Pro Bowl linebackers Brian Orakpo and defensive line anchor Adam Carriker. So as Skins fans, we will get to see what Jarvis Jenkins and Rob Jackson can do as far as filling the two huge holes left by Orakpo and Carriker.

The Redskins strength is supposed to be the front 7, but so far they have just 4 sacks which is not getting the job done. If the Skins have a chance of stopping the Bengals on offense, they have to find someway to get after Andy Dalton which in turn will help the Division 2 secondary because they will not have to cover as long.

Last but not least, for the love of god do not play that soft zone crap.



AJ Green vs The Redskins Secondary

This could get ugly. Green is a freak and the Redskins D-Backs are geeks. The Skins have to have him doubled at all times or he might go for 12 catches 150 yards with ease. But in my honest opinion, he is going to wear the Skins out.




I am not going to be surprised if this goes the other way but right now the Skins have a lot of holes on defense and I am just not sure they can stop anyone. Sorry for those of you who are upset I’m not being a homer, but we all saw the game last week.

Bengals – 28
Redskins – 24

This week’s fan prediction comes from @SteveHales2

@ I was afraid you'd ask me that...Redskins 34, Bungles 30...halftime bonus prediction Redskins 20, Bungles 13.
Steve Hales
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