Robert Griffin Registry Gifts

When it became public knowledge that Robert Griffin III was getting married and he had an open registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Redskins fans and RGIII fans alike flocked to the registry and bought up all of the gifts listed. Somehow, the national media decided to put criticism on Griffin for accepting gifts that were purchased for him without him asking fans to do so.

Personally, I had loaded up the purchase of a corn on the cob peeler that I was going to give as a give from Blog So Hard, but decided not to at the last moment only because it occurred to me that someone besides Griffin and his fiance’ could have set up the registry and could be getting quite a haul from fans.

The DC Sports Bog has done the best job covering this story, from uncovering the registry, to RGIII receiving all the gifts, and even pointing out the ridiculous media criticisms and reporting on why fans bought the gifts in the first place.

And now they are the first to report that Griffin is sending out signed thank you notes to the fans who sent him gifts (and in other words, follow the DC Sports Bog because they are awesome):

Robert Griffin III Thank You Note DC Sports Bog

via DC Sports Bog

As you can see, the thank you card was personalized and signed by Mr. Robert Griffin himself.

So maybe all of those media folks that were criticizing him for accepting gifts from his fans will be just as happy to cover this story as well.


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