Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan

Reports are surfacing that Robert Griffin III is pushing the coaching staff to play week 3 of the preseason. I admire RG3’s competitive drive to get back on the field but to me his judgment is cloudy. Maybe he still hasn’t shaken off the concussion he suffered week 5 versus the Falcons last year.

Griffin seems to want to play in the meaningless preseason exhibition games more than anything right now.  Actually, he’s put a new timeline on his recovery, as he said he’d like to suit up for the 3rd game:

“You know me too well,” Griffin said Monday when asked if he would try to convince Shanahan to play in the preseason. He added, “I’m going to, definitely. I want to play, let’s get that straight. I want to play in the preseason. . . .I’m definitely going to push for it. I feel ready to go. I’ll definitely push for that third game, but we’ll see what happens.”

Really? I think Rg3 thinks he’s invincible or something. It’s admirable, and I want my favorite teams quarterback to be the most confident player on the field but I think he needs to quit pushing it so much. He needs take it easy this camp, listen to the doctors and coaches. For RG3’s sake and the teams sake, he needs to sit this preseason out.

If he’s worried about how his knee will react in s game situation, he can get used to his knee week 1 and playing with the brace full speed then, as far as I’m concerned. All the Redskins need is for someone to fall on him and for him to re-injure that knee in a meaningless preseason exhibition game. Heck, if you want to be truly honest I’m not too excited about him participating in 11 on 11’s because all it takes is for one teammate to fall on him and then for him to re-injure that knee. Having him near 100% healthy for week 1 of the regular season versus the Eagles is so much more important that him participating in a training camp 11on 11 drill or a meaningless preseason game.

Luckily for Redskins fans, coach Mike Shanahan shares my feelings. He reiterated in a press conference yesterday that Griffin will not see any preseason action, stating there is “no possibility” when asked the question. He is sticking to the plan of having Robert ready for week 1 of the regular season.

“Our plan is to play him Week 1,” Shanahan said. “I want to play him Week 1. I think we have a good game plan.”

So even thought it is good the Griffin has the desire to get back out there as soon as he can, it is even better that the coaching staff and doctors have the final word and can prevent RG3 from seeing game action too soon.

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