5 NFL Questions including the NFC East, among others

After a full slate of great games this past Sunday it’s time to spin around the league:



1.    Can the Washington Redskins ride the victory wave into their showdown with the New York Giants?

The Washington Redskins win over the Vikings on Sunday has jolted life into the district, causing many to believe that the Skins have a shot to go into New York and leave with a victory. Perhaps having the QB with the best passer rating in the league can stow a lot of confidence in your ball club.

While the Redskins have the daunting task of taking down what looks to be the best team in the NFL, I think the Skins play the Giants hard and come away with a narrow 24-21 victory over the New York Giants. The key to winning this weeks game is pressure Eli as much as possible; you throw him off of his game it’s very hard for him to recover.

2.    Is there cause for concern in Baltimore?

After losing Terrell Suggs during the off-season the Ravens have now lost two more vital parts of their defense. With last week’s great win over the Cowboys, the celebration was halted on Monday morning after they got word that they would be losing Ray Lewis for the rest of the year after suffering a complete triceps tear, and Lardarius Webb also out for the season with a torn ACL.

I think the Ravens will definitely miss these two forces in the lineup, but I don’t think they will slow down. With Suggs looking like he might start practicing this week, this would give the Ravens a much needed boost.

3.    Are the Cowboys on the hard spiral down? Or is this just a hiccup?

The Cowboys weren’t a total disaster this past Sunday; they just did what they seem to do a lot when the game is on the line….that’s right! Not show up. Poor clock management, guys giving up on play (besides Witten), and dropping passes has been the motto for the cowboys since Tony Romo has been at the helm. The Cowboys are in a “win now” state and if they can’t do just that…I’m pretty sure they will being showing Romo the exit doors.

The Cowboys act is stale; are we a good team, a moderate team or are we just plain terrible?  No one truly knows the right answers except the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe it’s time to get a General Manager…but what do I know?

4.    Is it FINALLY Tebow time?….Seriously?

If you like the circus, then you will LOVE the New York Jets. One week you love what they can do, then the next week you think you are looking at a J.V. team in High school. Mark Sanchez is the epitome of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and you can’t name one receiver outside of Santonio Holmes, who just happens to be on IR. If the Jets want to make a push past this horrible first half of the year, then they have to do what the Denver Broncos did…just start Tebow…that’s it.

Could Tebow be what the Jets need to spark the offense? Sure he could be, he did it in Denver why couldn’t he do it with New York? Tebow has all the talent in the world (at least rushing wise), but needs to put everything together all at once. With that said lets all do some Tebowing in 3..2..1 (p.s. I’m serious).

5.    Could Michael Vick’s time be over in Philly?

The Philadelphia Eagles possibly are the worst 3-3 team I have ever seen. Their struggles seem to get worse and worse as the weeks go by. With bad play calling and game management the Eagles find themselves looking at a possible early off-season in the very near future. They also just fired their defensive coordinator. Vick has accounted for 8 interceptions and 6 fumbles lost. The Eagles might be doomed if they don’t pull the carpet on Vick sooner than later.

Well! That Foles kid looks like he might be ready to rock sooner rather than later. Nick Foles had a strong preseason and looks really comfortable in the offense already. Maybe the Eagles better make a move, because if they don’t…Andy Reid may be joining Juan Castillo, as well as their QB.


Lots of questions still need to be answered this upcoming week…will Brady respond to being called “just a guy”? Can the 49ers get back on track after they were torched last Sunday? Are the Packers back in business? So many issues to cover…this will be a great week of discussion.

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