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Grant Paulsen tweeted this earlier today:

If Alfred Morris rushes for 83 yards on Sunday, he'll be the first rookie to amass 800 yards in first 9 games since Adrian Peterson in 2007.
Grant Paulsen


If Alfred Morris can indeed pick up those 83 yards, that puts him in some elite company with Adrian Peterson. That tweet got me thinking about Morris’ current season and how impressive his first half of the season really has been.

All of the hype surrounding the Redskins (especially outside of the local media) has strictly been RG3 this, RG3 that. But Washington’s other rookie certainly is making a name for himself as well, and possibly even a case for the pro bowl.

When looking over the rushing categories on, Morris sits near the top in many of them:


Rushing Yards

1.    Adrian Peterson – 775
2.    Marshawn Lynch – 757
3.    Alfred Morris – 717
4.    Stevan Ridley – 716
5.    Arian Foster – 659

Rushing Yards Per Game

1.    Adrian Peterson – 96.9
2.    Marshawn Lynch – 94.6
3.    Arian Foster – 94.1
4.    Alfred Morris – 89.6
5.    Stevan Ridley – 89.5

Rushing Touchdowns

1.    Arian Foster – 9
2.    Robert Griffin – 6
3.    Alfred Morris (tied with Andre Brown, Shonn Greene, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson, Stevan Ridley) – 5

1st Downs

1.    Stevan Ridley – 47
2.    Alfred Morris – 37
2.    Willis McGahee – 37

Rushing Attempts

1.    Arian Foster – 168
2.    Marshawn Lynch – 159
3.    Alfred Morris – 151
3.    Adrian Peterson – 151
5.    Stevan Ridley – 150

As you can see from the numbers above, Alfred Morris has been nothing short of a work horse for the Washington Redskins. Morris sits in the top 5 in nearly all of the rushing categories, joining the elite, more heralded running backs such as the aforementioned Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster.

Halfway through the season for the Redskins, Morris has been just as important to this young team as Robert Griffin III. Another half of season similar to the first half, and Morris could be on his way to the Pro Bowl.



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