Washington, We Have A Problem

Don’t be so cheery, Jim


Yes, that headline is correct.

Dating back to last season, the Washington Redskins have given up 246 points to their opponents over the last 8 games.

12/4/11 vs. Jets – 34
12/11/11 vs. Patriots – 34
12/18/11 vs. Giants – 10
12/24/11 vs. Vikings – 33
1/1/12 vs. Eagles – 34

9/9/12 vs. Saints – 32
9/16/12 vs. Rams – 31
9/23/12 vs. Bengals – 38

7 of the last 8 games the opposing team has put up 30+ points. Doing some simple math, that comes out to 30.75 points per match-up over the course of those 8 games. If you remove the Giants game — which seems like an obviously outlier — the Skins defense is giving up 33.7 points over the last 7 games (and 7 for 7 on giving up 30+).

For the new season, they have given up 101 points in the first 3 games.

For a team that had a defense ranked in the top 15 before Jim Haslett took over and switched it up to a 3-4 scheme, this is not acceptable.

What was the reason again behind the extension of Haslett over this off season?

I don’t pretend to have the answers for how to fix this defense, but then again I don’t get paid to have the answers. But the problem is clear. The Washington defense can not stop anybody, and something needs to change and change fast if they want to have a chance to make something out of this season.

Many have pointed to the signing of assistance coach Raheem Morris as a possible replacement candidate for Haslett. Morris is currently in charge the defensive backs, who just going by the eye test are the worst DB unit in all of the NFL. So there is no reason to expect that Morris taking over would instantly change the dynamic of the defense.

It is frustrating for Redskins fans because they finally have an offensive group that can put up more than 14 points on the board each Sunday, but if they are unable to stop anybody all the offensive production in the world isn’t going to help them.

Like I said, I don’t pretend to have a solution for this. But something needs to be done to at least help stop the bleeding.

With the Falcons, Giants, Steelers, and Panthers coming up over the next 6 weeks, nothing is going to get easier on Washington’s defense.


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