Josh Morgan commits 15 yard personal foul penalty by throwing the ball at Cortland Finnegan


Yesterday in the Redskins loss to the Rams, Josh Morgan made one of the worst bonehead plays I have ever seen. Down 3 with 1:19 to play, the Redskins offense managed to get themselves in field goal range on a third down pass to Josh Morgan (we will excuse the fact that he should have turned up field and got a first down easy). Morgan than proceeded to throw the ball at Cortland Finnegan, and even the bumbling replacement refs know how to make that 15 yard personal foul penalty.

I am not here to kill Morgan, because everyone who has played sports in the past knows that sometimes in the heat of the battle things happen and you can easily make mistakes.

While I understand how something like that could happen, I am not giving him a pass for the play. This loss IS on Josh Morgan.

Many folks on Facebook and Twitter have been saying it is not Morgan’s fault Washington lost the game, and that the way the team played all day is the reason they are now 1-1.

Think about it this way: 2 seconds before he threw the ball at the Rams’ CB, the Redskins had an opportunity to kick a field goal to tie the game. 2 seconds after Morgan threw the ball….they did not.

It is as simple as that.

Sure as a good deal of people have said, the team should have played better all game and shouldn’t have been put in that position. Aldrick Robinson should have hauled in the long bomb from Robert Griffin, the defense should have made more plays, and the special teams line should have not had a blocked punt. If we are playing that game, well then Steven Jackson should have had a touchdown, Griffin wasn’t hit out of bounds early in the game, and Gibson may have actually had a TD catch early on.

The fact of the matter is that when the game was on the line, Josh Morgan cost the Redskins the chance to tie and/or win it.

Since I am a basketball guy, I posted this on my friends Facebook who said it wasn’t on Morgan:

Think about it in basketball terms….let’s say we had a bad game all game, but fought back and you got fouled with 5 seconds left and had a chance to shoot free throws to tie and/or win the game. But I threw the ball at the dude’s head who fouled you, getting a technical and the other team hits the shots making your FT’s irrelevant. That loss isn’t on the team because we didn’t play good all day….it’s on me.


I am not just looking for a scapegoat for this loss. Griffin and the offense (and Fletcher, Hall and the defense) put this team in position to extend the game.

Josh Morgan took that opportunity away.


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