There comes a point in the history of most franchises where a draft pick can mark a turn for the better or a turn for the worse.

Take the Stellers for example when they selected Joe Greene in 1969 and have been good ever since. On the other side of the coin, you have the Lions and the selection of Joey Harrington — or every other draft pick up until Calvin Johnson for that matter.

Now I am sure you’re thinking here comes another Redskins fan to talk about how great Robert Griffin III is and how he is going to turn the franchise around and he is the turning point. False. To me, the Skins turn around was started the year before in the 2011 draft.

I remember sitting in a local watering hole with fellow BlogSoHardSports writer Miles Horton, watching the draft as the Redskins began to trade back and then back again. All I could here was “Take A QB!!”….”Take Blaine Gabbert!”

Then the pick came in…. “The Washington Redskins select Ryan Kerrigan.”

While the whole place went nuts not having a clue who he was, I smiled, turned to my buddy and said “Great pick.” It was the first time I can recall the Redskins drafting for need and not want. They took a solid playmaker and not the so called sexy pick. The Skins did that for the rest of the draft, and we saw the impact on the field last season with Kerrigan’s play along with the rest of the rookies.

Now some fans may make the argument that we still didn’t have a QB last season and they would be right. But would drafting Jake Locker have been a better option?¬†Was Christian Ponder going to save the day?

Probably not.

So because of that pick and the way the first round of the 2011 Draft was handled, we now have some very capable players going into their 2nd year, and end up with hopefully our franchise guy at QB with RGIII a year later.

This is not saying that the job is done and the team is set and ready to win 12 games.

It is saying that 2011 was the first of many steps in the right direction.

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