After 24 hours I have had time to process the first half of our season…I said I wasn’t going to do this but I think it needs to be brought to the surface for all to read.

– How DARE you Washington Redskins lose to the Carolina Panthers at home in front of a sold out stadium, bringing all of the greatest Redskins of all time back and STINKING up the joint in front of them. The Redskins should be ashamed of themselves and if they aren’t then I don’t want them to be part of my team. I am so sick of the Skins playing down to the level of these teams that they should handle with no problem.

I don’t think that they realize that they are the new “get right week” team…meaning, if you are struggling during the season and you have a losing record hey don’t worry just circle the Redskins on your schedule and you can turn your season around with a “blow the doors” off of them win.

– How DARE you Redskins take our hard earned money and put out the type of lack luster effort week in and week out on the field. No we are not going to pay 9 dollars for a beer at the stadium and watch our team get stomped at HOME. FedEx field is one of the most neutral stadiums in the NFL, I went to the Skins vs. Packers game and it sounded like a home game for the Packers.

– How DARE you Redskins keep putting that same defense out on the field every single Sunday. Remember when DeAngelo Hall picked off Jay Cutler 4 times…remember what Jay Cutler said after the game “I would throw at Hall again”…well Cutler was right, because he knew that D-hall is some HOT garbage. Let’s revisit the Steelers game, when he cost my team 30 penalty years….BY HIMSELF. Hall was on the LaVar and Dukes show not too long ago and they asked him about the new mindset of the team and he replied “the front office and the coaching staff have done a great job on getting the ME guys out of here,” Well Hall…I think they missed one.

– How dare you Mike and Kyle Shanahan call a play were my QB goes out for a pass and gets smacked in the mouth by Ryan Clark. You mortgaged your future for Robert Griffin III and you are sending him on wheel routes down the field where you know that a safety is going to be over the top and is going to hit your franchise QB as hard as he can.

– How dare you Leonard Hankerson drop easy touchdowns and tip toe around and slide before you get to first downs. That’s all I have to say about him.

– How dare you Redskins re-sign London Fletcher who has clearly lost a step. You want to get younger at all positions but you have a 37 year old linebacker that can’t run with tight ends anymore, can’t stay with running backs and has missed numerous tackles in the first half of this year. I will be the first to tell you that I think London Fletcher should be in the Hall of Fame, but he’s just not what this team needs right now. I say you groom Keenan Robinson and let him play MLB for you next year.

– How dare you Mike Shanahan “throw in the towel” on this season already, plain and simple people…he just gave up on this team. He’s so defeated right now, you can tell by his mannerisms during his presser that he was tapped out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t return next year to coach this team.

The bye week is finally here and changes need to be made. That myth about not firing coaches mid season is a total lie, if I see Jim Haslett on the sidelines during the Eagles game in two weeks I am going to cry…a lot. And Raheem Morris can take over, not for long though because he can go too.

Do you think that the Skins lost out on this years free agents? Me personally, I think the the Skins did a decent job for what they had to work with. Josh Morgan looks to finally be stepping up in this offense, I won’t call Garcon a bust yet, Kai Forbath has been awesome except on his kick offs, and a healthy Brandon Meriweather is a dangerous Brandon Meriweather. I think the only two that we truly missed on are Billy Cundiff and Tanard Jackson (if kept for next year with his head on right could turn out pretty decent).

But with all my negativity I guess I could point out the obvious positives. RG3, Morris, Paulsen, Trent Williams, Chris Chester, Ryan Kerrigan, Lorenzo Alexander, Barry Cofield, Chris Cooley and Santana Moss. These men are true Redskins and shouldn’t have to worry about being “evaluated” this year.

I love my skins dearly but things are going to have to chance sooner rather than later.

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