Bacarri Rambo Redskins Free Safety

By time the 6th-round of this past NFL draft came around, a draft steal in my opinion fell right into the lap of the Washington Redskins. 6-foot safety from the Georgia Bulldogs, Bacarri Rambo fell back in the draft because of off the field problems, and Washington took the risk. The hard-hitting safety has a great opportunity to start at the free safety position, which has been a problem since the late Sean Taylor passed.

In 2011, Bararri Rambo was easily one of the best safeties in college football, totaling 8 interceptions to go along with 55 tackles. In 2012, he had 3 interceptions to go along with 73 tackles and 3 forced fumbles. Rambo is familiar with the Haslett ran defense as it is similar to the 3-4 defense that he ran at Georgia as far as blitz patterns and coverage schemes. This clearly gives him an edge, as thus far during training camp he has been practicing with the first team defense.

The last couple seasons, one of the main problems with the Skins defense was the physicality of the secondary. Redskins addressed those needs by drafting CB David Amerson to go along with Rambo. Bacarri Rambo was a punishing safety in college, as shown by his 6 career forced fumbles. He will bring the same type of physical play, and somewhat will remind fans of the late great Sean Taylor.

His physical nature as a big time hitter, along with his ability as a ball-hawk both in deflecting and intercepting passes combined with his knowledge of the schemes all give Rambo a leg up on the competition at the position. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to see Bacarri Rambo as the starting free safety come week 1.

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