Just because Lebron finally won his first ring, doesn’t mean he will be exempt from criticism. Sure he silenced many of his detractors, but for those of us who can’t stand him, here are 10 reason to still criticize Lebron James.


*Photos taken from the fabulous “LeDouche Pics/Video Thread” on Wizards Extreme*


10. Orders his steak well done and asks that it is already cut up for him.  Sure he is uneducated and probably reads at the 3rd grade level, but how does that effect his taste buds?

9.  His mom gets around.  In 2010 NBA crazy man Delonte West (and presumably half of Cleveland) knocked boots with Gloria James, supposedly throwing off the team’s chemistry on the way to losing in the NBA finals. She stayed doling out kisses in this years finals.


8.  “The Decision.”

7.  Roots for the Yankees and Cowboys.  When you grow up and your parents didn’t love you, this is the end result.

6.  Self proclaimed nicknames.  Calling himself “King James” and tattooing “Chosen1” on his back are some of the most self centered things I can imagine; only adding to the reasons no one cares for him.

5.  Confiscating the Nike camp tapes. In 2009, Xavier standout — and now Wizards gunner — Jordan Crawford threw down a huge dunk on LeBron at his own camp.  LeBron could have congratulated him and continued about his business but he decided otherwise.  “The Chosen One” had all the tapes taken from various camera men taken so the clip wouldn’t go viral.  Unbeknownst to LeBron, the camera phone had been around for 10 years.

4.  His fans.  The same fans who like Alabama football, the Cowboys, Yankees, Baylor Women’s basketball, and the Lakers, also now root for the Heat.  His fans know little about basketball besides the fact that LeBron is the best thing around at the moment and that he plays for the Heat.  These people have no allegiance to any one team, they just want to cheer for a winner no matter what.

3. He cannot do it on his own.  Sure he has a championship now, but deserted his hometown to join 2 other All-NBA players to create what is now the most hated team in all of sports.

2.  Receding hairline.  He’s so ugly, his hair is running away from his face.

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1.   He’ll never be Kobe/Jordan.

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