Follow These DC Athletes


@speedybanks16      Brandon Banks
•    Famous for tweeting “rise and grind” everyday as well as the occasional “whatup doe.”  At least a couple of his 10,000+ tweets have gotten him in trouble and the account was deactivated for a stint last year after he was stabbed.

@rak98            Brian Orakpo
•    His tagline: SUPERBOWL MOTIVATION!!! Enough said about this fan favorite.  One of the first players to be photographed in the new 80th anniversary uniforms.  Often tweets about the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and other causes to raise awareness.

@IanDesmond20       Ian Desmond
•    Brand new to twitter in the past few weeks, this Nat’s short stop looks forward to staying in touch with the fans.  Whether it’s quoting bible verses or talking about how much #Natitude he has, Desmond is a good follow.  Needs to tell his fellow middle infielder @Dannyespinoza18 to start tweeting again (inactive for 250+ days)!

@John_Wall        John Wall
•    With the most followers on this list (510,000), some would say John is one of the fresh faces of the league.  His twitter on the other hand is the opposite.  With 15,000+ tweets his profile is littered with few word responses that he sends to his fans or friends.  Being one of the iconic DC athletes still makes him a must follow.

@Lfletcher59        London Fletcher
•    Thankfully still a DC athlete, London’s twitter is dedicated to his foundation “London’s Bridge” that addresses the inequalities facing underprivileged and underrepresented children.  He also poses sports questions to his followers and also lets them know his whereabouts.

@35_fitz        Trevor Booker
•    #35 for the Wiz likes to provide commentary for the NBA playoff games.  Hopefully in the upcoming years, for Wizards fans sake, he will be busier playing.

@RGIII            Robert Griffin III
•    Only a month after losing his Twitter virginity, RGIII  — to no one’s surprise — basically has half the followers of @John_Wall in 1/10 of the time (222,000+).  Laden with inspirational quotes that get me extremely excited for the season, his twitter is a must follow for anyone who likes football or sports in general.

@Teddy26Nats        Teddy Roosevelt
•    My personal favorite as a Nats fan, although not technically a DC athlete, Teddy’s Twitter handle provides hilarious insight on how that night’s president’s race went.  Recent tweets have him beefing with a rival from 2009 “Potato Pete” and blaming Abe for cutting him off as he rounded the bullpen corner.

@ChrisPontius13       Chris Pontius
•    This most followed DC United player tweets tons of pictures of his whereabouts around DC and him hanging out with teammates.  Often asks followers for good places to eat in the area and hypes up anyone who went to UCSB.

@JohnCarlson74      John Carlson
•    One of the most active Caps on twitter, John tweets about anything from #freecarwash day to his excitement for the other DC sports teams.


Have another DC favorite not mentioned?  Leave the Twitter handle and your reason for the top 10 in the comments.

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