Some of the Many ReasonS Why I love Sports


When I was 12 years old, I bought a poster of Anna Kournikova that stayed in my room for roughly a decade.  She never won anything but she sure was awesome to look at.  Which brings me to this top ten list of female athletes — not just from the US — but from all over (the Olympics are coming up so this is need to know stuff).  Now I realize everyone has a different opinion of what is “hot” or “sexy” so feel free to give feed back because narrowing it down to only 10 is rough, and if you’re a male reading this, every single one of you will google image afterwards.


10. Heather Mitts- US Soccer

Before we get into how Heather Mitts is one of the few women on earth would could get me to run around a soccer field for 90 minutes at a time, let me point out that we have the same middle name “Blaine” which is awesome.  Mitts is not only fun to look at, but she backs it up with her play.  She played soccer at the University of Florida, and oh yeah, has 2 gold medals.  However, she is married to NFL QB AJ Feeley which is a dagger to us all.

9. Stephanie Rice- Australian Swimmer

Nothing beats a chick who can pull off a one piece swim suit.  Rice has 3 gold medals and the world record in the 400m medley.  The best part though is she is from Australia, which means after she wins gold in London this summer we all get to hear that sexy accent during her interview.

8. Lolo Jones- US Hurdler

Lolo…..what a hot name.  Lolo was a 3 time national champ at LSU.  She has gold from the World Indoor Championships but failed to win gold in the 2008 Olympics when she tripped.  So you can bet she is going to come back in 2012 with a chip on her shoulder, and one sexy set of abs.

7. Gina Carano- MMA

Very few things hotter on earth than a girl who could toss you around the ring and you would love every second of it.  Not only is Carano the face of female MMA (7-1 career record), she was also “Crush” on American Gladiators.  Who didn’t play American Gladiators at their house growing up??  When you think she couldn’t get any hotter, she has signed on to be in the next Fast and Furious movie.

6. Christina Vukicevic- Norwegian Hurdler

If there is one thing the ladies who may be reading this article can take from it, it’s that apparently if you want a sexy set of abs you need to run the hurdles.  Christina has not one Olympic gold yet, but is in the running to medal this summer in London.  But honestly who cares because when her and Lolo line up next to each other I am not even going to remember I’m watching track.

5. Alica Sacramone- US Gymnastics

Alica Sacramone is just flat-out put together. She is a gymnast which makes her stronger than you, me, and anyone else reading this.  She has a Silver Olympic Medal on her resume from the 2008 summer games. She is also in better shape — body AND career wise — than her boyfriend Brady Quin, who should be hoping she does not realize what a tool he is.

4. Maria Kirilenko- Russian Tennis Player

She is high on the list for a lot of reasons: none of which have to do with her tennis ability because she has not won anything.  For one…. just look at her.  What is hotter than a Russian girl running around in a short skirt smacking a little greenish-yellow ball around?  Another reason is that she is dating Ovechkin, and since this is a DMV website she gets points for that.  It is mind-blowing that one of the hottest female athletes on the planet is dating one of the ugliest male athletes, but Ovi is the man so he gets by with it.

 3. Alex Morgan- US Soccer

Alex Morgan is hot because she looks like someone who just some average guy may have a shot at.  Last summer I was all over the Hope Solo hotness band wagon, but Morgan over took her and it’s not even close.  She will be there again this summer during the Olympics running around with fellow top ten member Heather Mitts.  This may be one of the few times in my life I will watch a whole soccer game.

2. Melanie Adams- Australian Pole Vault

Do you know how hard pole vaulting is?  Adams does it and makes it look easy – all the while looking like a super model.  Nnd once again she is from Australia, and regardless of how she looks, you just want to hear her talk.

1. Leryn Franco- Paraguayan Javelin Thrower

This girl throws a javelin?  Really?  Not only is she hot in 2012, but you could make the case she is one of the hottest Olympic Athletes of all time.  On top of that she is from Paraguay…how many hot chicks come from Paraguay!?!?


Because of our DNA as guys, we love certain things.  Sports and beautiful women being two of them.  So what is better than those two things coming together?






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