Everyone loves a good sports movie. It could be because of the one liners, the inspiration, or because it’s a Sunday afternoon with nothing else on but TNT and TBS. The thing though that often gets over looked in these movies is the athletic ability of some of our favorite characters.

So I am going to solve that problem by counting down the top 10 movie athletes of all time. Some of these characters are actual people and some are made up, all of them though are studs in their own way.

**Disclaimer** Rudy is not on this list. I personally believe that if you do not get choked up when Rudy gets into Notre Dame, then you do not have a soul. However, lets face it, he was a horrible athlete. 5 foot nothing 100 and nothing….you all know the story.


10. Kelly Leak

At 12 years old Kelly Leak was smoking, riding a motorcycle, and dropping bombs. Not to mention he was picking up chicks with the great line “I got a Harley-Davidson. Does that turn you on? Harley-Davidson?” On the field, Kelly was the 3 hitter for the Bears and I am almost positive he hit about .720 for the season. He is just an all around bad ass.


9. Willie Beamen

Before RGIII, there was “Steamen” Willie Beamen. The perfect combination of size, speed, and arm strength, he is a prototype QB. Let us not forget the fact that he also made sick music videos. At the start, he was more worried about highlights than wins, but as all great QBs learn, eventually its all about the W.


8. Happy Gilmore

Every person who has ever been to a driving range has tried to hit a golf ball like Happy, but even if you make contact with it you sure as hell are not blasting it 400 yards. That by itself is what makes Mr. Gilmore a top movie athlete. He did what every one wants to be able to do — give up one sport then pick up a golf club and be good at it.


7. Boobie Miles

You wanna win? Put Boobie in! Although he has the reading abilities of a 7-year-old, Boobie Miles was a full-grown man when you put a football in his hands. I mean come on… every one who puts on pads wants to be a top recruit in the nation. If only he didn’t rip his knee apart, he probably would be higher on the list.


6. Dottie Hinson

With out a doubt the best looking character on this list, Dottie Hinson was the best player in the All-American Girls Baseball League. She even threw in a chew every now and then which makes her even more awesome. The number one thing that led to her greatness had to be the fact that she was always out for blood. I mean she almost took her own sisters head off with a line drive.


5. The Waterboy

Although he was about as smart as Forrest Gump and has serious pent-up anger issues, The Waterboy is the best movie linebacker of all time. You have to love a guy who loves his mom and chicks with tattoos. But lets us not forget the only reason he was so good was because he didn’t hold anything back.


4. Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn

The picture says it all. Do you want to look at that guy standing 60 ft 6 inches away from you? Rick Vaughn was sort of what Kelly Leak would have been like when he grew up. Just a bike riding, chick getting bad ass who throws 100 mph.


3. Jimmy Chitwood

Movie or not, Jimmy Chitwood had the sweetest outside stroke of any basketball player ever. That includes Ray Allen or Jesus Shuttlesworth. He was the quiet leader type, and I say that because he only had about 5 lines in the whole movie. But you just knew with the clock ticking down and the ball in his hands…. the game was over.


2. Crash Davis

Crash Davis is the all time Minor League home run leader, not to mention he once spent 3 weeks in the show. Whenever I watch Bull Durham, I realize that Crash is not only teaching us about baseball, but he is teaching us about life in general. But whatever you do, do not ever….ever shake him off.


1. Rocky

If you did not know coming into this who was going to be number one, then you need to go to Red Box right now and rent all the Rocky movies. Not only did he have 3 epic fights with Apollo Creed and Clubber Lang, but he pretty much saved America and ended the Cold War all by him self in Rocky 4. He is in the boxing hall of fame and was not even a real boxer! He is hands down the clear-cut number 1.



Sports movies allow us to escape from real life for a minute and dream of that big moment. All of these characters, and sports characters in general hold a special place to all of us.


Honorable Mention:

Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

Granted he should probably be on the list. I really do not have a reason for not adding him, other than he only ever played one real game that I saw at least. But this does not hurt his stud status at all in my eyes, as he still out ran the beast and knocked the cover off a baseball.


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