When preparing a theme song for a sport (or person) you have to make something that fits the mold of that sport (or person). It might sound silly to the casual sports fan, but theme songs are what drives the fans over the top. We have all been there, throwing a party for a Monday Night Football game and you hear the theme and you an your buddies turn up the TV and high five and chest bump, that’s when you know that you have a great theme song.

So I was starting to think about the best theme songs in sports EVER!, and I came up with a list of themes that have stood the test of time and became entrenched in our Sports minds forever.

10. Monday Night Football theme

Honestly, probably my least favorite theme of all the sports themes. While anything attached to the NFL is greatness, I just don’t think that this theme is strong enough for the NFL lovers. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t miss a Monday night game because of it, but i just lacks that toughness that the NFL is all about. It is a classic though so it made the list.

9.MLB on FOX-

This theme was always funny to me, sounds like you just just popped in a Sega baseball game and started playing with a team where every player looks alike! But it’s a great theme that goes with the sound of Baseball. Again not one of my favorites but it has stood the test of time.

8.NFL on CBS (1998-2001)-

One of the strongest football themes in football history. I can just see Trent Green throwing those touchdown passes now! While I didn’t hear a lot of it growing up (because CBS cared mostly for AFC games and I always thought that they were boring), D do remember watching the occasional Redskins game on CBS and remember the theme really sticking with me. I would love for them to return to using this intro.

7.Chicago Bulls theme-

THE BEST TEAM THEME EVER! There is not one sports fan out there that hears Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project and doesn’t think of MJ being announced in the starting line up. Always have been a fan of this and will continue to think about Jordan dunking on some poor fools head in slow motion while this is playing.

6.College Football on ESPN-

This is the sound of Saturday if you are a huge College football fan like I am. The theme song is perfect for College football and truly went all out on trying to capture the sound of college sports. This has to be the best College football or sports theme around.


5. Sunday Night Football-

Awesome! I think the favorite part about this theme to me is watching the players warm up and the song is playing in the background. It sounds like they are getting ready to go to war. While still not the best football theme song, it speaks the loudest of them all. Every football fan gets excited for Sunday Night Football even if their team isn’t playing.

4.The Masters-

Now I’m not a huge golf fan but I always know when the Masters is on. Probably one of the most noticeable theme songs in sports history, The Masters theme can give any theme a run for its money. The reason why I say that is because when you hear it the theme just screams GOLF!

3.FOX NFL Sunday-

The most known theme out of all of the themes on this list. FOX got it right with this one, it has everything a theme song should have: toughness, character, and a theme that won’t get old to any football fan. Every Sunday you get ready for the NFL’s slate of games and every time a game finishes you cant wait to hear that song again before the start of the next game.

2.NBA on NBC-

THE BEST NBA THEME EVER….no question. I love this theme song! Whenever I hear this theme I think about the greats in the game and remember watching all of those 90’s basketball games and having this theme song stuck in my head for weeks. This theme IS the NBA and always will be. No other NBA theme song can compete with this one. Might be safe to say that this could possibly be the greatest theme in sports history.

1.The Champions League-

I know that a lot of people are going to disagree on this but the Champions League theme gives me goose bumps and has this magic to it that makes it, in my opinion, the best theme to date. It’s a major honor when selected for Champions League and that’s what makes this theme what it is.


Hope you guys had fun with it! Give us your thoughts in the comments and feel free to add in any themes you feel should be in the top 10.

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